How to get SNILS?

Kristina Mamaeva
Kristina Mamaeva
July 22, 2014
How to get SNILS?

In our country, a program of mandatory pension insurance. To participate in it, every citizen of our country must have a SNILS, that is, an insurance number of an individual personal account. More information about this document can be found here. Citizens can get their insurance number in different ways: it all depends on their age, employment, and the reasons for receiving or replacing this document.

SNILS for non-working citizens, children and pensioners

Non-working citizens should personally contact the local branch of the Pension Fund. You must have an identity document with you during the visit. An employee of the Pension Fund will help you fill out the questionnaire correctly and register it in the database. The finished certificate will be available in 10-14 days.

In a similar way, parents or legal representatives of minor children can receive SNILS. In this case, you must have not only a passport, but also a birth certificate of a child.

Future retirees must obtain a certificate before they reach retirement age. During a visit to the territorial office of the Pension Fund, you must have a passport with you and fill out a special form of the insured person. The certificate will be issued no later than 3 weeks from the moment of applying to the fund.

How to get SNILS working citizens

Working citizens have two possibilities to get the insurance number of an individual account. The first of them is similar to the receipt of this document by non-working citizens. The second way is the issuance of SNILS by the employer. So, when applying for a job, the employee must fill out the questionnaire of the insured person. After that, within 2 weeks the employer is obliged to submit this application to the Pension Fund. And within the next 3 weeks a personal insurance account must be formed and a certificate issued. In this case, the correctness of filling in the questionnaire should be checked not only by the Pension Fund employee at the time of registration, but also directly by the employer.

Replacement of SNILS and receipt of its duplicate

SNILS is a document issued on the basis of personal data.In the event that they are changed, the policyholder must submit information on the new data to the Pension Fund within 2 weeks. Based on the newly received information, the Pension Fund will issue a new certificate to the insured within 21 days. Replacement of SNILS occurs in case of change of surname, patronymic or name, change of gender and date of birth.

But the replacement of the insurance certificate may be required in case of its loss. In this case, his hands will be issued a duplicate. As soon as it became known that the SNILS is lost, you must immediately contact the nearest branch of the Pension Fund and write a statement to restore the certificate. In this case, the lost document will be considered invalid.