How to get rid of sweat in the arms?

Many people believe that excessive sweating of the armpits is a problem so small and insignificant that it is not worth talking about it. In fact, excessive sweating can cause a lot of inconvenience not only to the person who is sweating, but also to those around him.

If you, too, are worried about the smell of sweat from your own armpits, know that by itself it will never disappear. To stop smelling unpleasantly, it is necessary to wage a decisive struggle with your excessive sweating, using available methods and means. Let's talk about how you can get rid of sweat in the armpits.

General tips

  • In order to reduce sweating, normalize your weight. Fat people sweat more than thin ones, so reduce the calorie content of your diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals, less meat and oil.
  • Relieve unpleasant odor will help the rejection of spicy, spicy, salty, fatty foods, the use of which provokes an increased sweating and contributes to changing its chemical composition.
  • Wear clothes that are selected according to the season and are made exclusively from natural fabrics - linen, cotton or wool. Such clothes will prevent overheating of your body, as a result of which excessive sweating usually occurs.

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Hygiene procedures

Before proceeding with any decisive action, use a razor to remove hair from the armpits. Sometimes this simple procedure alone helps to significantly reduce the unpleasant smell coming from under the arms. This effect is achieved mainly due to the fact that along with shaved hair from the armpits are removed, and numerous bacteria that lived on them.

Every day, three times a day, even if it is not possible to fully shower, wash your armpits thoroughly with warm water. To wash them, use not fragrant gels or foams, but the most common, odorless, baby or bath soap. After washing, wipe the armpits dry and treat them with some deodorant. The use of cosmetic products to get rid of the smell of sweat is described in our article How to get rid of the smell of sweat.

In addition to numerous deodorants and antiperspirants, completely harmless, fairly simple to manufacture and use, but at the same time very effective folk remedies help to combat excessive sweating.

How to get rid of sweat: folk remedies

Peppermint Infusion

To make the infusion, pour two tablespoons of crushed dried peppermint leaves into a thermos, cover them with two cups of boiling water and close the thermos tightly. After half a day, filter the finished mint infusion through a tea strainer and use it later to wipe the underarms. Do this as follows: moisten a cotton swab in a mint infusion and treat them just washed armpits. Hold your hands behind your head and wait until your armpits dry out. After that, moisten them with mint infusion again and wait for them to dry again. Repeat this operation three or four times. Do such procedures after each hygienic washing of the armpits, and soon their sweating will noticeably decrease.

Apple vinegar.

Remove the sweat under the arms will help a solution of apple cider vinegar, which should be prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon of vinegar per cup of boiled water.Gauze cloth moistened in this solution, you need several times a day to wipe the skin in the axillary areas. In order for this tool to be effective, it is necessary to use only natural apple vinegar, and not its cheap imitation.

A solution of manganese (potassium permanganate)

Lotions of a weakly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate reduce perspiration and effectively eliminate the smell of sweat. They should be done twice a day (morning and evening) throughout the week. For lotions, prepare a medium-pink solution of potassium permanganate and two small cotton napkins. Moisten the napkins in this solution and clamp them under your arms for a quarter of an hour. After this time, wipe the wipes, raise your hands, and hold them in such a position that the skin in the axillary areas dry out naturally.

In the event that all traditional and cosmetic products have not been effective enough, it may be worthwhile to resort to more serious, medical ways to combat excessive sweating.