How to get rid of fleas?

Each person can face the problem of how to get rid of fleas, regardless of ownership of pets. After all, this kind of parasites numbers at least 1,500 species, and some can easily be brought by a person to an apartment from the outside. Therefore, starting to remove bloodsuckers, it is necessary to find out the source of their appearance. They can come both from neighbors, from basements, and from dogs with cats and even on the owner's shoes.

How to get rid of fleas in animals

  • Shampoo is one of the most popular and quickest remedies. It is necessary to lather the animal's coat thoroughly and then wash it thoroughly so that the agent does not remain on the surface of the fur. Otherwise, when licking, poisoning of your pet may occur.
  • More safe and reliable drops remain. They are applied on withers and quickly distributed throughout the body. When a flea bites, it becomes poisonous and dies. The effect of the drug lasts about a month, without interfering with the bathing of the pet, already literally a couple of hours after the procedure.
  • Another effective remedy is fir oil. It is rubbed into the skin of the animal, best of all in the folds on the body, and the fleas themselves leave their owner. Fir oil can also be used by a person in order to avoid bites.
  • An equally demanding drug is flea spray. It is effective for 3 months and does not require close contact with the four-legged friend. Feature of the spray is that it destroys the parasites at a distance. To avoid reinfection it is necessary to treat them the places in which the animal lives and lies.
  • Many owners think that collars will become an alternative defense, but this is not always the case. After all, they are useless for long hair. And if you consider what chemical additives are included in their composition, they are completely harmful.

In any case, before using any product, it is better to consult a veterinarian, as the agent may cause an allergic reaction in an animal. It is best to spare no money and use drugs from a foreign manufacturer in order to avoid quality falsification.

How to get rid of fleas in the apartment

If you are not allowed to live in peace, fleas in the apartment, get rid of them will help a few methods. In order to finally remove them, you should carry out a general cleaning of the entire room. First, vacuum the carpets and sofas, then clean the floor with a flea agent, and animal shampoo will do. For washing floors effective and a mixture of kerosene and soap. Such a solution is fatal for them already in 2 minutes. Repeat this procedure for a month. Do not forget about the plinth, window sills and furniture, they also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Household items in which fleas can start should be washed, for example slippers, soft toys, linen, curtains.

  • You can use special sprays. For these purposes, suitable diclofos. But you need to be careful and use a mask so as not to get chemical poisoning. For some time it is better to leave housing and give the opportunity to die pest. Then air the room.
  • Likewise, it is easy to get rid of fleas in an apartment if you mix salt and soda in equal amounts. In addition, it is easy and safe for people. One has only to rub this mixture into the carpet, so that it becomes invisible and leave for the night, and vacuum the carpet in the morning.
  • Efficacy in the removal of parasites will add wormwood, tansy and calamus.Their scent scares and kills bloodsuckers. If it is impossible to get rid of fleas by themselves, among other things there are services for pest control. They will quickly identify the accumulation of insects and reliably eliminate them.

The worst thing is the disease that can be infected from a small insect, how to get rid of fleas at home and save yourself and your pets? The most common diseases remain: the hepatitis B and C virus, the plague microbe, Salmonella, the causative agent of typhus and many others.

In the process of removing parasites should be careful to prevent toxic poisoning in children and animals. The safest thing to spend a day or two with friends or relatives.

If you managed to get rid of fleas in the apartment, it is worth remembering that their main enemy is cleanliness. Therefore, regularly keep order at home, often bathe your pets. Thus, you can not only get rid of, but also prevent the appearance of uninvited insects.