How to get rid of a cold

Since immunity tends to weaken at certain times of the year, measures must be taken to raise it. It is worth thinking about taking dietary supplements that can correct the immune system.
Communicating with animals often leads to the fact that a person becomes infected with worms. Naturally, his immunity suffers from this, and it is much easier to catch a cold in this state. It is necessary to clean your body prophylactically every six months, drinking a course of herbs to rid the body of parasites.
Exercise, run, walk more, develop endurance - all this will help strengthen the immune system, and you will get sick less often.
Try to spend every summer holiday by the sea. Sea air and water have a healing effect. Being at sea, do not forget to gargle using seawater.
Of course, it is better to temper since childhood, but an adult, possessing the strength of will, can consciously proceed to tempering procedures.Start small: take a shower, lower the water temperature a couple of degrees every day. Ventilate the room in which you sleep, walk before bedtime. Visit the sauna or swimming pool, ski in the winter, go ice skating, and in the summer try to swim more in open water. If you have the opportunity to spend time in the mountains, use it, the mountain air will help to improve your health.
Refusal of bad habits, healthy nutrition, proper lifestyle, taking medicinal herbs - all this contributes to the timely cleansing of the body and its recovery.