How to get pregnant the first time?

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How to get pregnant the first time?

Inside almost every woman there is an ardent desire to become a mother. However, not all the representatives of the weaker sex can get pregnant from the first time, many have to make a lot of effort to see the two cherished strips in the pregnancy test. In this situation, it is extremely important for a woman to know how to plan a pregnancy correctly, because a positive result directly depends on competent actions. However, some dream of a child of a particular sex. Interesting information on this topic can be found in the article - How to get pregnant girl.

Time to conceive

What should be the conditions for pregnancy? Undoubtedly, the most favorable. Since the reproductive age of a woman is in the interval between 20 and 35 years, the ideal time for the birth of the first child will be up to 25-27 years. However, women may become pregnant earlier and later than these dates. Early pregnancies begin with the onset of puberty, and in principle even a teenage girl can become a mother.Not uncommon and late pregnancy, when women give birth to a child after 40 years.

How exactly is the process of conception? Understanding this will help considering such a process as ovulation.

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the 48-hour phase of the cycle when the mature egg is fully ready for conception.

The menstrual cycle is divided into 2 phases: follicular and luteal. During the first period, menstruation and maturation of the dominant follicle occur in the ovary (from which it later emerges an egg ready for fertilization). During the second phase, which lasts 14 days, the fertilized egg moves into the uterus for implantation. The uterus prepares monthly for the adoption of the egg, its endometrium becomes soft and loose, regardless of whether fertilization has occurred or not. If the pregnancy has not come, then the level of estrogen and progesterone falls, the endometrial layer becomes thinner and disappears - this is the way to the next menstruation.

It is between these two phases that ovulation occurs - the release of an egg from the follicle to meet it with the sperm cell.

How to get pregnant fast

If the long-awaited pregnancy did not come within a year,Despite the fact that the couple was not protected during sexual intercourse, we can already talk about infertility, which can be both male and female. The following tips will help make a difference. Both husband and wife should pay special attention to the state of health. This may require:

  1. Change your lifestyle.
  2. Get tested and tested.

Step 1 - change your lifestyle

What changes should be made in lifestyle to increase the chances of conception?

Get rid of bad habits

Alcohol and nicotine are avid enemies of health. Especially in this regardGet pregnantNicotine excelled: in women, it affects the ovulation process, and in men, it affects sperm motility. Quitting smoking will significantly increase the chances of conception.

We form the habit of eating right

Lovers of hard diets need to know that abstinence leads to problems with ovulation, hormonal levels and hemoglobin levels in the blood. Of course, during the attempts to conceive a child you do not need to eat hard, but you can’t limit yourself too much too. The diet should be balanced and beneficial. The menu should be present:

  • Sea fish and seafood;
  • Products with vitamin E (olive oil, seeds, etc.);
  • Foods rich in vitamin C (oranges, black currants, cranberries, etc.);
  • Wholemeal Bread;
  • Green waxes;
  • Eggs are a source of folic acid.

Do not abuse coffee and tea

Experiments conducted in the field of problems of infertility revealedGet pregnantsome correlation between the abuse of caffeinated beverages and difficulty in conceiving. Daily intake of four cups of strong tea or coffee reduces the likelihood of pregnancy by 25-27%.

We refuse the strengthened trainings

Often women in the pursuit of a beautiful figure are trained to exhaustion, without thinking that it affects their ability to bear children. In the period of pregnancy planning, all strength exercises, shaping, exercises for press and aerobics should be replaced by yoga, swimming or belly dancing. The latter is even called fertility dance, as it stimulates ovulation.

Step 2 - we turn to specialists

If, despite the observance of all conditions, pregnancy does not occur, you need to contact the specialists and pass all the necessary examinations.Analyzes will need to pass both partners. Based on the results obtained, the doctor will prescribe treatment, after which the couple will be asked to re-start attempts to conceive a child.

The main thing that cannot be done in such a situation is to despair. A good psycho-emotional state is a guarantee that pregnancy will come faster. At this moment it is important to be calm, not nervous and avoid stressful situations. Help in this article will be our resource - I can not get pregnant - what to do.

Causes of infertility

Among women

Get pregnant
  • Violation of hormonal levels;
  • Injuries and damage to the uterus;
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • Psychological factor and stress;
  • Inflammatory processes of the genital organs;
  • Congenital defects of the reproductive system;
  • Late age.

In men

  • Sperm quality (insufficient volume, absence of spermatozoa, their low motility, etc.);
  • Male diseases (inflammation in the testicles, their injuries, urinary infections and sexually transmitted diseases);
  • Lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, lack of movement, unhealthy diet, lack of regular sex).

Eliminating these causes will increase the chances of both men and women for the birth of healthy offspring.