How to get into the marines?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
April 3, 2013
How to get into the marines?

One of the elite units in the Russian army is the infantry. It originated in our country in the seventeenth century. On the account of the infantry victories in numerous wars - Northern with the Swedes, Patriotic with Napoleon and others. How to get into the marines? This question is asked by many young people who wish to become marines. But in fact, not everyone can realize this dream. The thing is that the selection criteria for the marines are very strict. First of all, the state of health of candidates is considered, so if your health is not in order, then you should not even try. However, if you have good physical training, you can try to get into this prestigious unit. So what do you have to do for this?

Contact the draft board

First of all, you need to come to the military enlistment office at your place of residence. There you will learn how realistic it is to get into the marines and when the call will begin there. In the draft board, first of all, they will look at your medical record.You will be able to claim a vacancy in this unit if your health is in A-1 form, or, at the very least, A-2.

Come to the shipment

Now you need to show yourself on the shipment. There, the marines pick up suitable recruits. Show a good physical form, you can go directly to the officers and express their desire to serve in the marines, it will be counted.

Take the endurance test

Candidates for marines to pass a test of physical capabilities. You can prepare in advance and go through it at home. If it does not work out - train and develop the necessary skills to perfection. Squeeze out on the uneven bars, from the floor, pull up on the crossbar, perform jumps from the spot - all these exercises are to be performed by the future marines with at least medium preparation. If it is difficult for you to perform all of the above, it is not a fact that in this case you will approach the marines.

Marine Corps of Russia, how to get there and with what accompanying illnesses you can forget about it once and for all? Remember that you can not become a Marine, if you have a shortage of weight, poor eyesight, poor muscles and, as a result - poor physical fitness.