How to get high?

It became boring to live? Around one despondency and monotony? How to make your life brighter? Everyone has their own buzz, everyone enjoys different ways. In this article we will talk about different ways to get high from harmless to the most dangerous! So how do you get high?

To the best of the depravity of the modern world, “high” is often understood as a departure from reality with the help of various drugs and alcohol. But this is not the only way to get high, and certainly not the most correct and effective. If you have ever experienced a buzz from anything, you will not forget this feeling, which is difficult to describe in words, and which you always want to experience again.

To get pleasure, it is necessary to effect one or several sense organs. Choose the effect on the sensory organ that prevails in you.

Options: how to get high

  • For starters, the easiest way: tasty and properly eat. For example, natural chocolate, which contributes to the production of endorphins by the human body, which affect the pleasure center in the brain.Thus, a simple chocolate bar will make you feel the most pleasant, for some even comparable to a kiss.
  • If you are a creative person, then the completion of writing a novel or a picture will bring you no less pleasure than winning the competition. But even if you did not win, participation in competitions, in any case brings a buzz.
  • For some, the pleasure of this game, whether it is gambling, computer or active. In this form of buzz woven: a different reality and the effect of competition. During the game, you can be completely different, not such as you are daily, in everyday life.
  • Watching high-quality and interesting cinema, performance, as well as listening to your favorite music, brings pleasure. Enhance the effect of music can hike a concert, including acoustic.
  • Pleasant smells and delicate aromas of flowers or a loved one, also cause people to enjoy. Together with aromatherapy, you can arrange for yourself beloved sun, air or water baths.
  • Massage performed by a professional or a loved one can reward you with a mass of pleasant sensations and emotions. On the body there are many receptors and points of pleasure, when exposed to them with your fingers, palms, heated or cold stones.You will receive not only relaxation, but also untold pleasure.
  • Adrenalin. Ask any extreme planet of the planet, what's the buzz for him? And he will answer you - adrenaline. The more adrenaline, the brighter the emotions. Here the world can offer you an unrealistic lot. For your money - any whim, be it a flight in a balloon, parachute jump, diving, surfing, and all its varieties, mountaineering, rafting, speed ... you can continue to infinity. Sometimes even a ride on the "Russian-American roller coaster" - is the mass of adrenaline. Choose what suits you. In addition, adrenaline increases wakefulness, and resistance to stress.
  • A calmer option is yoga. Self-knowledge, relaxation, and pleasure are the reasons why many people do it. Yoga teaches to get high from life itself.
  • And of course, love, kisses, sex. No one doubts that this method is guaranteed fun.

How to get more buzz?

Have you tried to combine several ways? For example, watch a movie and eat sweets? Having sex in extreme conditions, on the beach, for example? Why during the massage often lit scented candles, use aromatic oils? To enhance the effect. Experiment - the buzz is guaranteed!

Perhaps you have learned something new from this article, and new horizons have opened up for you, perhaps not. But when you answer the question: “How can you get a buzz?”, Remember that not all things in the world are worth trying! Appreciate yourself and your life.