How to get a digital signature?

EDS stands for Electronic Digital Signature. It requires special clearance for both legal and individuals. Electronic signatures are used by various companies, businessmen, politicians, and ordinary citizens to protect their documents from falsification when working with potentially unreliable partners.

Electronic digital signature: how to get

Before applying for an electronic signature, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents. List of documents for registration of EDS to an individual:

  • Copy of TIN certificate (to be certified by a notary);
  • Passport and to it copies of the first, second, third page and the page with the last registration;
  • The statement in the prescribed form for the release of a key for EDS.

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If all documents are ready, you need to go to the nearest Certificate Authority (CA), where they offer a service for registration of EDS. How to get an electronic signature in CA:

  • Anyone can come to submit an application. If we are talking about a legal entity,the CEO can send a company representative who, of course, must have a power of attorney from the management, a passport and a full package of documents.
  • After the administrator receives the documents, the key generation process begins. The public and private keys are generated in a special locked room on the equipment that is created for this.
  • After generation, the employee of the Certification Authority issues the electronic key to the client on a protected medium. It is necessary to verify the fact of protection from personnel.
  • After visiting the CA, you or your organization find yourself in a single EDS registry, which is confirmed by a certificate.

We register EDS on the Internet:

In addition to special certification centers there is the possibility of registering an electronic signature on the Internet. To do this, it is best to find the site of a company engaged in cryptography and creating digital signature in your city. Then you must perform the following steps:

  • First you need to download the archive, which will contain the form to be filled out, as well as a list of necessary documents for a legal or natural person.
  • After filling out the forms, you must attach scanned copies of all required documents. Do not forget to place all scans in the archive and protect it with a password. All this information is sent to the e-mail of the artist - EDS generator.
  • After receiving confirmation of the start of work with your documents, the contractor will send the client a receipt for payment of services for registration of EDS. You need to pay the full cost of the service and send the payment document in scanned form to the email address of the contractor.
  • After that, the agent of the Certification Center will contact you, in which you have passed all the previous steps.
  • Take with you all the originals of the necessary documents and go to the TC office. After submitting the documents and identifying your identity, you will be able to receive your key for the EDS and the electronic digital signature itself.