How to get around with a boyfriend?

We believe that yes, if we learn in time the didactic material of the relationship and outline in advance all the standard difficulties that most couples who decide to move under one roof go through.


How to get around with a boyfriend?

Verify your decision

The first question and the most important one: are you sure that you want to live with this particular person? If there are dubious “I want to try”, “Expensive to pay one for an apartment” or “I’m tired of living with my mother” in the response options, then it’s better to think twice, because living together in a common space is one step towards marriage, regardless of Moreover, whether you are moving with one suitcase or with ten.

Create your personal space for two

Capitalism can be rampant in the outside world, but in your personal space it would not hurt to stick to communist views. Only at first glance it seems that politics and relations have nothing in common, but as soon as you first encounter the difficulties of moving from “mine” to “ours”, you will understand that you cannot do without previous diplomatic discussions.Ask your partner how he wants to see his space, what he needs to have in it, and respect his decisions, and in turn ask him to take your requirements into account.

Do not be afraid to talk about money ...

The key point in which you need to be aware of before dividing one pair of keys for two is the willingness of both to speak openly about money and general spending. There is no single secret, and each chooses their own dynamics of the distribution of funds within the union, but it is important that none of you remain offended, for example, for being obliged to pay bills alone. Even if you do not want to open each other the real numbers on a bank account, it is still worth achieving some transparency and discussing the most basic and inevitable costs in advance.

... and household duties

You do not want to get yourself a “mama's boy” as a gift and in the very first week of living together it is unexpected to discover that he knows a lot about wine, but he doesn’t know how (or doesn’t want) to turn on the washing machine. Statistics are a warning to you: women who live together with their partner spend more hours on household chores than women living alone.Guess why? Because many men are not accustomed to taking on household chores as long as they are allowed to do so.


How to get around with a boyfriend?

Do not forget about your independence

Do not turn immediately after moving to the ideal wife, as she is portrayed in American TV shows. Keep sleeping in your pajamas, do not hide your depilators from him and do not pretend to be a multi-cooker who manages to finish all the work and bring home comfort clearly before her husband arrives. You come together in order to enjoy each other together, so the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel in the common territory, the more pleasant the new stage of living together.

Give each other time

Be prepared that the main surprise of the first days of cohabitation will be that you will open each other with new and not the most partial parties. There is nothing strange in this, just now you let another person into the space where you quite logically used to be yourself. You have to take a deep breath, be patient and, like in the wedding oath, go through good and bad through garlic for breakfast and indigestion, open toilet lid and the smell of nail polish throughout the house.In general, living together will definitely not be the same as how you met before.

Invent yourself joint activities

At first, you probably don’t need to purposely search for ways to entertain each other, because you’ll just enjoy the fact that you fall asleep and wake up together. But the sooner you start working on the dynamics of your life together, the better. Start by creating an unofficial schedule for two, and mark the days on which you are sure to spend the evening away from home, the days when you cook together, or give each of you a day when he can invite his friends to visit.

Don't let sex be scheduled exercises.

All those who work late throughout the work week know that the Saturdays and Sundays are just made for sex. But if you postpone everything exclusively for one day, then there is the risk of once turning what was a passion on dates into a routine execution of marital debt. You should keep in mind that your partner is not just a flatmate, but a person with whom you have a romantic relationship.Therefore, count on the fact that after you start living together, your sexual practices will require a few "spices" - even in the form of sex toys, though in the form of specially organized dates, even in the form of an unexpected morning sex, because of which, who a little late for work.

How to get around with a boyfriend?