How to get an orgasm?

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How to get an orgasm?

The highest point of sexual pleasure for someone is almost a trivial matter, but for someone - a phenomenon from the world of fiction. How to get an orgasm for a woman, how to achieve an orgasm for a man, and how do these feelings differ between themselves?

How to get an orgasm man

Let's start with a simple, and at the same time, difficult - with a male orgasm.

Many women consider the male orgasm as something simple, mundane and quite simple to achieve. In fact, the male orgasm can be no less difficult in terms of achievement. The best male orgasms are comparable to ecstatic trance and hallucinations. But sometimes the sexual act for a man becomes already a burden, which is immediately noticed by his partner. What is the best thing for a woman to do so that her partner can get an orgasm quickly and as brightly as possible?

Of course, the best accelerator of the male orgasm is a preliminary "high-quality" arousal. Sex in the style of “in a quick way and without any preludes” can turn out to be completely not a quick and not entirely pleasant experience.How to accelerate in case of emergency male orgasm?

First of all - get rid of the thought that this is because you are ugly, inept in sex, and so on. The duration of the sexual act of a man depends on very many factors, and the appearance with the temperament of the partner is almost in last place. It is better to cast away personal far-fetched insults and think about how to help your man have fun.

  • Stop the useless frictions of your man and start stimulating the penis with your hands or mouth. Focus on the upper part of the penis, pulling off the foreskin with your hands.
  • Stimulation of the penis frenulum can also bring a male orgasm closer. The main thing in the "treatment" of manhood is not to work with dry hands or poorly moistened tongue. Do not hesitate to once again lubricate the hands or member of a man with saliva.
  • Try to gently twist the skin on the penis with the help of rotational movements of the head. A slight twisting will excite a man and bring his orgasm closer.
  • Do not forget about the partner's testicles - extremely sensitive points, the stimulation of which also brings the final closer.
  • Some women are able to contract the muscles of the vagina.If you can do it during sex - your man will get an unforgettable experience.

How to get an orgasm girl

We now turn to the question of how to get an orgasm girl. There are many myths in this little-known area. First of all, find out what types of female orgasm exist in general. A woman is theoretically able to achieve five types of orgasm:

  • vaginal (achieved by stimulating the clitoris during intercourse);
  • anal (occurs during anal sex, more often with simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris);
  • ejaculatory, or "jet" (quite rare, accompanied by the release of a jet of ejaculate in a woman);
  • cervical (also a rare form of orgasm, occurs when the cervix is ​​stimulated by the penis or dildo);
  • non-genital (the rarest type of orgasm that comes with kissing, touching a partner to the skin, hair, face of a woman).

We will not talk about rare types of orgasm (jet, cervical, non-genital), we will leave this topic for scientists and science fiction writers. And better let us turn to how to experience the vaginal orgasm most clearly and quickly, as well as how to learn to get an orgasm during anal sex.

First of all, keep in mind that 60% of the female orgasm is not scattered across all erogenous points of the body, but located in the head. First of all, you need to set yourself up correctly for the night of (well, or an hour) of love. That is, in the head there should not be vile thoughts about what children, neighbors, parents can hear, that you have cellulite on the pope (or on his pope). Complete tantric relaxation and Buddhist trance should reign in your soul to begin with.

Eliminate all extraneous noises (calls, squeaks, knocks) and superfluous thoughts from the head. You are your man, and the rest is not important. Also, you should not go to bed as if at war, with the thought “Well, that's all, today I have to finish,” otherwise such “conquests” of my own orgasm will simply end in irritation, and no more. Do not proceed to a romantic act, and after a hearty meal or in the "podatom" state: satiety relaxes too much, and alcohol dulls sensual sensations.

There is no single “technical” recipe for female orgasm, each lady has what is called her “trick”: someone can only end with prolonged stimulation of the clitoris, someone only in a sitting position from above, and for someone only anal sex and is a conductor to orgasms.To get started, try to get an orgasm itself, using your fingers, sex toys or "improvised" means (of course, observing safety techniques). The most common method is to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or dildo. After you get unearthly pleasure alone with yourself, transfer the technique of reaching orgasm in bed with your man: choose the most comfortable posture for touching the right points, relaxing atmosphere, etc.

About anal orgasm

In order to get anal orgasm, beginners will need prior training. It is better for girls to pre-process the “battle arena” for an orgasm using an enema or a syringe, so as not to torment themselves with thoughts of possible ugly surprises. Guys also need to prepare their lady for anal penetration with the help of fingers and lubricant. Careful anal sex in combination with the stimulation of the clitoris and nipples of the girl will bring her very bright pleasure.

If you want to learn more about how to get an orgasm, the video below will tell you about the other secrets of love magic.