How to get a baby card?

In Russia, the system of state benefits for citizens with children provides guaranteed state material support.

Children's card

Children's card - one of the options for material support for parents with young children. Getting a baby card requires some action. First you need to contact the district department of social protection of the population, submitting all the necessary documents. In some cases, the paperwork and receiving the card can be on a notarized power of attorney. On average, it takes less than a month to receive a card, in rare cases you have to wait up to 1.5 months. The finished card is stored in the social security authorities for 2 months, then transferred back to the bank.

Documents for card registration

Documents for the children's card, depending on the situations, require the following:

  • application on a special form,
  • birth certificate, adoption and photocopy,
  • for large families - evidence and photocopies of all children,
  • passports of parents and their photocopies,
  • certificate of marriage or divorce, their photocopies,
  • certificates of parents' income for three months,
  • certificates of disability of the child or parents and their photocopies,
  • certificate of military service, if the father in the army,
  • if the parent died, then the death certificate and photocopy,
  • in case of deprivation of parental rights - a court decision and a photocopy,
  • if the parent is deprived of liberty, then a certificate of imprisonment is required.

Children's card in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, November 2004, the following law was passed “On Social Support for Families with Children.” Bank “Saint Petersburg”, in order to implement this law, issues plastic cards for residents of the city: “Children’s” and “Preschool”. How to get a baby card? What do you need to do?

At birth, all small Petersburgers start a special account where children’s benefits are received, this account is tied to a special Debit Card “Children's”.

Two child allowances are credited to the “Children's” card:

  • lump sum payment on the birth of a child,
  • monthly allowances from childbirth to one and a half years.

The money on this card is spent only on the purchase of children's goods: food, clothing and other types of children's products.You can shop for food only at stores serving these cards.

Registration of a children's card is strictly defined category of benefit recipients:

  • Low-income families.
  • Families, regardless of income, receive child support:
    • from a large family,
    • whose parents are both disabled
    • if the child is disabled, or there is a disabled child in the family,
    • up to 3 years of age if the child needs special dairy products.

The "Children's" card has its expiration date. If money is not spent on the card within one year and nine months from the date of birth, the funds will be returned to the budget. Money on the card can be used immediately, or in parts. You cannot cash the "Child" card, you cannot replenish the card yourself. Monthly allowances for a child from 1.5 years to 7 years are listed on the “Preschool” card.

Children's Card in Moscow

The Muscovite’s social card is issued to pregnant women and persons who have applied for payment of benefits on birth. Pregnant women have the right to receive a social card, with permanent registration in Moscow, who have been registered in Moscow until 20 weeks of pregnancy.A children's social card is issued no later than 12 months after the birth of the child.

When receiving a city lump sum payment for the birth of one or more children with permanent registration in Moscow, the appeal must be no later than 6 months from the date of birth. The right to receive additional urban one-time allowance by birth is given to families where parents are not older than 30 years, have a permanent residence permit in Moscow. The application for this benefit should not be later than one year from the date of birth.