How to gain weight guy?

If girls always dream of losing weight, then most guys want to gain weight. This, of course, is not about eating thick cheeks and a huge belly, but about how to gain muscle mass in order to have a beautiful, relief body. In this article we will give general tips on how to quickly gain weight guy and what mode for this you need to follow.

First of all, you will need to familiarize yourself with the specialized literature and study what products and exercises contribute to the collection of muscle mass. Although it seems that the question of how a guy to gain weight is not so complicated, there are many nuances in it. In addition to the fact that you will need to develop a special diet for yourself, you will also need to adhere to a certain regimen. Those who believe that it is much easier for a thin guy to gain weight than to lose it completely are fundamentally wrong. And in fact, and in another case, you need hard and long work on yourself and on your body.

Practical advice

Try to follow the guidelines below to make your body gain muscle mass:

  1. Exercise regularly, but not more often 3 times a week.Otherwise, your muscles will not have time to relax. Because of excessive physical exertion, muscles will “get forgotten” over time and you will get such unpleasant consequences as burning and itching, and the effectiveness of training will noticeably decrease.
  2. Revise your diet. Your diet should be based on protein. If you want to achieve rapid and effective muscle growth, then you should consume at least 3 g of protein for every kilogram of your weight. Among the foods rich in protein, it is necessary to mention cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish, legumes, soy, nuts, cheese and various cereals. Many athletes eat protein as an additional source of protein. You can buy them in specialized stores of sports nutrition or order via the Internet.
  3. The number of calories consumed per day should be increased gradually. Try to gradually add 300-400 calories and observe what changes occur in your body.
  4. Eating is necessary often, but in small portions. Five meals was not just invented. If you stick to diet at certain hours and never go hungry,Your body will no longer accumulate fat for emergency situations, and will immediately burn all the excess calories in training and convert them to muscle mass. Most of the food should be eaten in the morning. On training days, you should eat protein-rich foods 1-1.5 hours before your workout and approximately one hour after it.
  5. Healthy sleep is also very important. A person does not need to sleep at all for 8 hours. This is only an average figure that does not oblige anyone to anything. 6 hours will be enough for someone to sleep, and 10 will be enough for someone. The main thing is that in the morning your body feels rested and full of strength.
  6. Work with heavy weights. If you can perform more than 10 repetitions at a time with each projectile in the hall, it means that it is too light for you. If you practice with too light weights, you will not increase, but, on the contrary, dry your muscles. Good exercises for gaining muscle mass are pulling, push-ups on the bars, bench press, squats with a barbell, etc. This is a set of exercises, which is called in the gym "base" - the basis for building muscle. It is better at first to seek advice from an experienced trainer who will tell you which exercise equipment and equipment you will need to work with and showhow to perform certain exercises.
  7. Training should be varied, but in moderation. Nothing should go to extremes. You can’t do the same exercises all the time, as the body will get used to it over time, and they will lose their effectiveness, but every time you don’t need to grab onto a new simulator. As a rule, the training program is changed every month or every other month.
  8. Observe the correct intervals between sets and exercises. Between the two approaches, the interval should not exceed 1 minute, between different exercises - 2-4 minutes.

Be prepared for the fact that you have to go a long way through trial and error. The first three weeks your body will only get used to the new regime, diet and exercise. And only then gradually begin to gain weight.