How to fry cheese?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
April 8, 2013
How to fry cheese?

Grilled cheese is, in fact, a versatile hot snack. It is equally good in combination with sweet tea, and wine, and beer. How to fry cheese right?

How to fry cheese with breadcrumbs

To prepare this dish you need:

  • cheese for frying - 400 gr. ("Lambert", "Russian", "Radonezhsky"),
  • walnuts - 100 gr.,
  • milk - 150 ml.,
  • egg - 1,
  • bread crumbs - 100 gr., factory breading - 50 gr.


The cheese is cut into 5 mm thick layers and chopped into sticks approximately 1 cm wide. The pieces are arranged in pairs. The egg with milk is whipped until smooth. The kernels of the nut are sifted and chopped into pieces. Each slice of cheese makes a recess with a knife, which is filled with walnuts and covered with the second half of the cheese piece. A breading mixture is prepared from ground crackers and breading. Each cheese stick is dipped into the egg mixture and coated in breading. Manipulation is repeated 3-4 times.

After each dip, more and more crackers will stick to the cheese, and the thicker the breading layer, the less likely it is to break through and leak melted cheese to the pan.All rolled sticks are consistently laid out on a griddle with heated vegetable oil. Each stick is fried on high heat on four sides for 1 minute. It is important to make sure that the surface of the breading mixture turns red and grabs, but the cheese does not melt. Finished pieces are laid out on a paper napkin, which absorbs excess fat. Cheese is served on the table hot.

Grilled Cheese Recipe with Ham


  • hard cheese - 8 slices, thickness at least 0.5 cm,
  • ham - 4 pcs.,
  • sesame,
  • flour,
  • green salad,
  • vegetable oil.


Cheese is breaded in flour mixed with sesame - only one side of the slice. On a Teflon, well-heated griddle with a small amount of oil, 4 slices of cheese are laid down in a pancake. On top of each is a slice of ham and another piece of cheese, now breading up. When the underside is browned, the cheese is turned over and the other side is fried. The finished slices are laid out neatly on a dish, decorated with fresh salad leaves.