How to forgive a grudge?

People often take offense at each other. Yes, and scandals in families are not uncommon. How to forgive a grievance that interferes with life and whether to forgive? A few simple rules will help to deal with angry gusts, preventing spats and quarrels.

Harm from resentment

Often, when the honor of our close people or our own dignity is touched, an insult arises and lurks in the soul. However, it is necessary to take all existing methods to eradicate it. After all, the hidden insults are very dangerous for the whole body. They deprive a person of the joy of life, forcing him to constantly keep in mind the offender, to build some unthinkable plans for revenge, filling the inner world of a person with excessive aggression and torment. In the world, therefore, an overabundance of negativity, and offenses bring chaos and disorder into the inner world of a person.

Resentment closes man's eyes

Every person needs to eliminate such a feeling from his life as an insult, because it leads to a dead end. The whole situation looks completely different when the heart is tormented by resentment, which is nothing but a manifestation of pride and pride.If you are offended - a common thing for a person, then there is a very big risk, unexpectedly for yourself, to be left alone, when no one is around and no one will be supported at the right time.

Forgive a grievance if you hurt too much? The person who is harboring a grievance begins to unwillingly feel guilty. Does anyone like to live with a constant sense of guilt? The ability to forgive, and not to harbor a grievance, feeding her day after day, is a sign of an adult, healthy person.

Learning to forgive

Learning to forgive is difficult enough, requiring great humility, but it is as necessary as air and water for the body. How to do it, if it is very difficult?

  • �First, it is worth pondering what prompted the offender, to do so. Very often the cause is a person�s bad mood or a difficult character that the abuser is constantly trying to cope with. It is always necessary to take into account all the nuances. Maybe something has happened to a person related to people close to him. In any case, if a feeling of resentment appears, then having calmed down his burning temper, it is necessary to relax and reflect on the offender's motives.It is important to take into account the nuance that if a person is offended only on those who are not indifferent to him. After all, if a person is unfamiliar to us, then instead of deep resentment, we only get angry for a couple of minutes. And if a person close to us treated us badly, how can one of his actions eliminate all the warm feelings that we feel for him?
  • It is necessary to discuss everything with the offender in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere. If you do not show aggression, it will significantly reduce the possibility of a similar situation in the future. Probably, the woman expects from the man of words: Favorite, forgive for insults. But men are less emotional than women and may not take into account such needs. You can calmly explain your feelings without scandal and your loved one will definitely understand.
  • If a person notices that he is offended by others with a certain regularity, then it is worth thinking about his high self-esteem. Confident, sane person will not be perceived by each case as causing insult to his own dignity - this is self-esteem that can be helped by close people and consultations of the right specialists.

When a person is too touchy, he himself condemns himself to a difficult existence, devoid of vivid impressions. Under the touchiness often hides the need for a person to keep himself in an emotional tone. However, it would be much more useful to replace such a way with doing something interesting that would bring everyday joy instead of aggression. Then, a life full of new ideas and plans will bring much more positive emotions.