How to forget it?

Many girls are familiar with the pain of loss and separation from their loved one. Unfortunately, there is no medicine that could cure melancholy, and there is no 100% way to forget the guy whom she truly loved with all her heart.

Our life is so arranged that people constantly converge and break up. They give up their halves and go towards a new fate. No one is immune from such losses and turns of fate. The main thing is to be able to survive, and find your own way how to forget the person you love. Therefore, we want to tell some effective methods that will help to start life from scratch.

Psychology tips

  • First you need to accept the situation as it is and stop living in the past. Make it difficult, but very necessary. Yes, he left you; Yes, it will not be there; yes it happened. But life does not stop there!
  • Be sure to express your feelings. It can be hurt, angry, hateful or angry. Do not push these feelings into the depths. Give them the opportunity to go out with tears, fists, cry - somehow. You can beat the dishes, break all the soft toys, disfigure the pillow - it helps.
  • Contact your girlfriends. For this they are needed to listen and support. Give them all you have in mind.If there is no suitable girlfriend - any fellow traveler in the subway or a guy who sat down at your table in a cafe will do. One time may not be enough - tell until you yourself feel sick of it.
  • If the previous advice is fulfilled, then in the soul will come emptiness and sadness. This is the first sign that you took what was happening and let go of the past. You can open the door to a happy future. New life is waiting.
  • In order not to remember the person that you lost, remember all the good things that you had with him and thank God for the fact that you were lucky enough to experience these beautiful moments. Now your relationship is over, but thanks to this person you have known joy, happiness, delight and a lot of beauty. Now these memories need to be put in the old box to remember what happened many, many years later as a wonderful stage in your life. Thank the man mentally for all the good things you had with him, and move on. You have your own road, and he has his own.

Personal experience

And here are some great ways to forget a friend and add new colors to your life. Thousands and even millions of girls had to go through this critical moment at least once in their lives, so they tried to find a way to help in a difficult situation.

  • One attractive lady managed to cope with depression thanks to the efforts of her friends, who simply did not allow her to sit at home and shed tears in the pillow. During the next trip to the cinema, the girl met a young man, with whom she later started a new affair. And so the spleen of the former lover ended.
  • There is a category of girls who are well helped to escape from problems in their personal lives, hard work or study. This is a great way to not only forget your loved one, but also to make yourself a good career or to tighten up marks at the university. Thus, time will run, and not drag on like rubber. You just do not have time for any trouble.
  • At one of the forums, the girl wrote that shopping in such situations helps her. And very expensive and radical. Need to spend on new things absolutely all the money. Then thoughts of longing will not remain. For days you will be thinking about where to get money for travel and how to look prettier, so that in a cafe they pay for you. Try it, it works for someone.
  • Whatever happens, do not lean on alcohol. From him it was better not to anyone.You can drink champagne once and cry to your friend, and that’s it! Alcoholic still did not attract anyone. Take it easier to love, as our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did, did not work out - it means no luck.

Ways to forget it invented a million, but the most reliable, most likely, is time. It will heal any wounds on a broken heart - tested by generations.