How to flash "brains"?

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How to flash "brains"?

Many car owners in a certain period of operation of the vehicle do not know how to flash the brains at the WHA. Similar work on the firmware of the electronic control unit (ECU) is carried out in the process of sports tuning in the service station. However, this procedure can be carried out independently, following some simple rules.

Before flashing the car�s brains, it�s worth remembering that the new firmware must be compatible with the factory chip. For this it is important to find exactly the software that is suitable:

  • this brand VAZ;
  • old firmware;
  • type of control unit.

To reflash the computer, you will need a suitable firmware, a laptop equipped with an adapter to connect to the corresponding car connector.

The main stages of the firmware "brains"

You can flash the chip without removing it from the controller, but it is much more convenient, safer and more efficient to make the firmware for the removed chip. In order to do the following:

  1. Remove the terminal from the battery.
  2. Remove plastic lining.
  3. Remove connector from computer.
  4. Pull out the unit, bend the cover terminals.
  5. Disassemble the microchip neatly and replace it with a new firmware.
  6. Connect all contacts.
  7. Put the block in place.
  8. Replace the clips, holders.
  9. Optimize ignition, power and other functions.

With seeming simplicity, it is worth noting that firmware ECU is a complex process, which, with the slightest mistake, is fraught with complete engine failure. In the absence of special knowledge and experience, it is preferable to entrust the work to experienced auto service staff.