How to fix the nose?

In modern life, you can change the appearance in different ways. But the most loyal and long-term - with the help of plastic surgery. Speaking of correcting or restoring the nose, this is rhinoplasty. They resort to it, in most cases, on the recommendation of a physician, to facilitate nasal breathing. But for a short effect, you can resort to the services of cosmetology. This article will explain how to change the shape of the nose in various ways.

Gymnastics for the nose

With the onset of a certain age, there is a change in the length and shape of the nose. The reason - in the loss of facial muscle tone. They, like any other muscles in our body, require additional load to maintain their shape. And so many in old age, and someone before, wonders how to change the shape of the nose. Come to the rescue exercises to change the length of the nose.

The first is to raise the tip of the nose with the index finger, while straining the muscles of the nose and trying to resist the pressure of the finger. Second, pull down your upper lip with two fingers and let go.Repeat up to 30 times. This exercise should be done 2 times a day. By the end of the week, the result will be noticeable. And to consolidate the effect, you need to do these exercises constantly.


Modern medicine allows us not to resort to rhinoplasty, but to perform a contour plasty of the nose, that is, change the shape of the nose without surgery. Beauty injections will come to the rescue - Restylane, Radiesse, etc. It depends on the patient to determine which changes are needed: to raise the dropping tip of the nose, to correct the crotch or indentation on the nose. The advantages of this technique are as follows:

  • it takes an hour to complete the procedure;
  • no side effects for the body;
  • there are no pain during the procedure, because Anesthesia is carried out with a cosmetic cream, the duration of which is 30 minutes, and during this time the injection is performed;
  • the recovery period takes one day;
  • possible use in adolescence;
  • reasonable price of the procedure.


Today it is the most popular surgery in maxillofacial surgery, and it is in the direction of reducing the nose. Because, coming to a plastic surgeon with the task - how to fix the nose, a person asks to adjust the length or width of his nose.Objectives may be of a cosmetic nature (to make it look better) and medical (improve the respiratory function).

Fix nasal septum

Changing the nasal septum already makes the nasal passage and prevents normal breathing. It happens that a significant distortion does not affect the nasal breathing, because the air without difficulty goes over the curvature or under it. Or, on the contrary, a slight curvature, as a rule, at the nasal entrance, causes tremendous discomfort during breathing.

In most cases, the patient comes to correct the nasal septum in case of difficulty in breathing through the nose, but sometimes this is accompanied by headache, pain in the ear area, nasal mucous discharge, dry throat, etc. The reason for this may be the effect of the distorted part of the nasal septum on the nasal wall, which irritates the mucous membrane and stimulates reflex symptoms leading to headache attacks, and even asthma and epilepsy.

The final decision on the conduct of rhinoplasty is made by the surgeon after the consultation, with the mandatory study of the respiratory function of the person and computer simulation of his nose.Restoration of the nasal septum requires mandatory surgical intervention, so the indications for this are studied very carefully. After all, it is necessary not only to correct the shape of the nose, but to alleviate nasal breathing, to eliminate the resulting effects of the deformity, and, in general, to adjust the normal breathing of a person.

Often, in addition to medical indicators, the achievement of the aesthetic effect is also taken into account, then the nasal septum is corrected, and then the nasal dorsum is leveled.