How to fix eyesight

Every day, every morning, do some exercises to correct your vision. Exercises should be performed several times.
Keep your eyes on the movement of the pendulum at the level of the eyes. Do not turn your head.
Close your eyes tightly and, counting to three, wide open. Count to three again and close your eyes tightly.
Somknite eyelids and attach fingers to each. The index should hold the outer corner of the eye, the middle - middle of the eyebrow and the ringless holds the inner corner. Holding, thus, eyelids in a motionless state, try to narrow eyes.
Keep your head straight without making movements. Look - in front of you. Counting to five, slowly look up and in the same order return to the starting position. Then do the same, but dropping your eyes down.
In the same position, looking ahead, slowly move your gaze to the limit to the left. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise to the right.
Continue classes, without changing posture.Looking forward, slowly rotate your eyes in a clockwise direction, making a circle. Repeat in the opposite direction.
Close your eyes and blink closed eyelids.
Even doing physical therapy daily, you will not achieve a positive result if you do not give your eyes a rest. Therefore, do not linger at the computer, watch TV at a safe distance and arrange a little rest for your eyes. In particular, ordinary lotions made from pharmacy chamomile broth or washing the eyes with freshly warm tea will help to relax the eyelids and muscles around the eyes.
You may notice that the initial positive effect has ended. Do not give up classes. The period of calm in the correction of vision occurs often and with constant studies will soon end.