How to fish?

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How to fish?

There are many fishing gear, each of which has its own purpose. In this article, we will look at how to fish with different gear.

Types of fishing gear

Conventionally, fishing gear can be divided into summer and winter. Consider the summer first.

Summer fishing gear is divided into:

  • Spinning
  • Bottom
  • Zherlitsa

Spinning is a tackle for fishing on predatory fish. The bait in this case are the spinners, silicone worms, wobblers and so on.

It is necessary to make a reservation that for spinning fishing there are different types of reels: inertialess and multiplier. The first allows you to continue to throw the bait, and multiplier coils - better feel the bite. In addition, they have more power, while they are more expensive. Such coils are used by experienced anglers, beginners are recommended to use inertialers.

Bottom gear, as its name implies, is intended for fishing from the bottom of a reservoir. It is a small sinker and hook.This tackle should be used only when fishing from a boat. The signaling device for this case is the bells or other devices, for example, light signaling devices.

Zherlitsa is tackle, which is needed for fishing on live bait. The essence of this tackle is that a fishing line is fixed on a special wooden flyer. The flyer is attached to a cola, which is driven into the bottom. Such gear is placed as much as possible so as to be more likely to attract prey. This type of gear is passive. This means that it is enough for the angler to only check what kind of mistress has “caught” the fish.

Winter fishing gear

Winter gear can be divided into two groups: jig and float.

Catching mormyshka comes down to creating vibrations in the water. A fisherman needs only to pull a fishing rod. Special nod udilnika indicates that the fish caught the bait.

Float gear is different in that in this case a float is used that is immersed in water. The bait in both cases can serve as a worm, bloodworm, burdock.

What to fish on the river and the lake

One of the most popular ways of fishing on a river or lake is spinning. With the help of spinning you can catch pike, perch, rudd, ide, catfish and other types of fish. In order to fish using spinning, you need to take into account the fishing season and the temperature of the water. Throwing spinning can be pendulum, horizontal (side) or vertical (from behind).

Fishing on the bait (float) can be carried out with different types of fishing rods and different methods. For example, from the shore, from a boat, with a strong current and so on. Novice fishermen are encouraged to use the so-called Bologna fishing rod, which is universal. It is also called lap-dog. Bologna rods are fairly simple to learn. They are equipped with a conventional inertia-free coil. Such a fishing rod, despite its apparent simplicity, is capable of supporting a weight of up to 11 kilograms. Throwing fishing rods easier to perform because of the back.

Fishing on a donk is specially intended to catch bottom fishes. For example, catfish, bream, carp. For them you need a bottom gear, the analogue of which is the feeder - a more modern version.

For the bait for all the above cases, you should choose either pearl barley (like vegetable bait) or caddis, as well as a small fish-fish for predatory fish.