How to finish the ceiling on the balcony

Today, there are different ways to finish the ceiling on the balcony. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are the most common ways to design the ceiling.
Stretch ceiling on the balcony.
It is durable, not exposed to temperatures, unpretentious in care, moisture resistant. In addition, you can create any configuration of the stretch ceiling, any color. The only drawback is the relatively high cost, not everyone can afford such a ceiling on the balcony.
Plastic ceiling on the balcony
It is also durable, resistant to temperature changes, high humidity. Such a ceiling can be made even independently, without attracting hired labor for this. Panels are not that expensive. And the distance between the base ceiling and plastic panels can be used for sheet insulation. Still, the ceiling with plastic panels on the balcony is inferior to the tension structures on aesthetic qualities.
Wooden lining for the ceiling on the balcony
Option exclusively for glazed and insulated balconies. Indeed, in this room there is an increased humidity, and it is unacceptable for a tree. The advantages of lining: practicality, durability, safety for health, the possibility of staining, ease of installation.
Having considered the pros and cons of the popular ceiling finishes, you can conclude that if you have spare cash, it is better to opt for a stretch ceiling. If there is no extra money, it is better to choose plastic panels.