How to find out your efficiency in World Of Tanks?

Efficiency - efficiency. In World of Tanks, they denote the player's performance indicator That is, the better a person plays, the more experience he gets from each fight and the more his efficiency.

The game is highly valued by players with high efficiency, many are afraid of them as fire, because in capable hands a tank can destroy half a team of enemies. What if you, too, are a formidable force for opponents, but you have no idea how to find out your efficiency?

How is efficiency calculated

First, let's look at how the rating of efficiency is calculated. We are not talking about performance rating in the Achievements tab in the game client and on the official website. This is also efficiency, but its formula is different. It is less often taken into account.

What mainly affects the player's performance rating:

  1. The number of destroyed enemies (frags);
  2. Damage to enemies;
  3. Detected opponents;
  4. Allied damage on opponents you have detected;
  5. Capture points of the enemy base;
  6. Points for knocking down an allied base capture;
  7. The level of technology.

The level of technology is strongly influenced, because in one battle on a tank of level X you can inflict damage as much as a tank of level I in 50 battles.And since damage and frags are the most important factors in calculating the efficiency rating, better statistics and especially the level of the game are easier on high-level tanks (although inexperienced players are more in the sandbox).

How to check the efficiency of using sites

There are many sites where you can find out the efficiency in World of Tanks. For example:

  • . The most famous site for calculating the efficiency rating. It has been working for quite a long time, therefore it has gained popularity and trust from the players. To find out the efficiency, you need to enter your nickname and click "Download data".
  • . The site is also popular and also has its own system for calculating the efficiency rating. On it, you also need to enter your nickname and click on the "Determine" button. Efficiency rating will be at the bottom of the table under the winning percentage.
  • . The site is known for its "NuboRating" signature (image for the signature on the forums), which is updated for each player. On it you can see the main characteristics of the calculation, including the efficiency, which was mentioned above.

How to find out the efficiency in tanks, which is considered standard among the players? This is the ER - efficiency rating (again, do not confuse it with the fact that in "Achievements").It is shown on other sites and in the XVM mod (although there you can choose which rating should be displayed).

XVM mod

At the time of this writing, more than 1.8 million users used the XVM mod. This mod is primarily known for displaying the overall efficiency in tanks and statistics for each unit of equipment. In addition, it displays statistics for other players and greatly facilitates the game due to the excellent modification of the mini-map.

How to view the efficiency with the mod XVM? First you need to download and install it, and then log in to the site and activate the statistics. Instructions and other mod information are on or in mod builds.

It is noteworthy that each player can customize the mod on your own. For this, an online program was developed on the same site.

How to determine the efficiency in World of Tanks by color

To find out your efficiency in the World of Tanks by color, you need to look at this image:WoT efficiency

In this table, the indicators of efficiency from the lowest to the highest are displayed from top to bottom, that is, the smallest indicator is at the top, the highest - at the bottom. Here is a brief definition of players by color of their efficiency:

  • red is a bad player;
  • orange - player below average;
  • yellow - average player;
  • green is a good player;
  • blue is a great player;
  • purple is an incredible player.

How to find out the efficiency in WoT on the above sites? Look at what color the performance rating indicator is colored. In the client with the installed XVM mod, the percentages of victories and the efficiency are also painted in different colors.