How to find an article?

November 21, 2014
How to find an article?

Modern man has access to a huge number of high-quality and interesting articles. Let's look at ways to find the right article in various sources of information.

Journal article

To find an article in a magazine that you’ve seen before, you need to follow a series of actions:

  1. Try to remember which magazine the article was in. Most likely, you will mark the majority of publications on the principle of "never read."
  2. If you managed to remember the magazine, and you have access to its numbers, try to remember what was on the cover of that very number.
  3. If you find the number you need - you just have to refer to the table of contents or manually scroll through all the pages of the magazine.

If you do not remember the journal itself, the title of the article or you do not have access to the archive of numbers, you can redirect your request to the Internet. Having formulated a question for a search engine, you can find the necessary information.

Newspaper article

With newspapers, things are a little different. Not all issues of newspapers are freely available on the world wide web.Therefore, if you want to find a newspaper article, you should go to the central library of your locality and ask you to give you a newspaper publication.

Research Article

Most often, the search for scientific articles involved in scientists or students. The latter will probably be useful to read the material - How to issue an article

Of course, to search for scientific materials, you can, as in the previous case, use the library. But today there are many electronic resources that greatly facilitate the search for scientific literature. Let's look at some of them:

  • - This is a service from Google that allows you to easily and quickly find a scientific article by its title. Search results on this resource are grouped by source;
  • - a resource for those who do not exactly know the name of the article or the desired article was published recently;
  • - searches for articles by identifier in the form of a number in which the publisher is ciphered, the name of the journal and the article;
  • - official search for Russian scientific publications;
  • - a major search engine from Elsevier;
  • - search for sources of direct scientific and educational orientation.

More detailed material on the topic of writing scientific papers is presented in the article of our site - How to write scientific articles.

If you yourself want to try to write some article or article, you may have a problem with the beginning of your story and reasoning.