How to find a guy?

Today, many girls are proud of their freedom, telling everyone how great it is to be alone. You can live as you like, do whatever you want, go for a walk where you want. Maybe this is true, but if it is not freedom, but loneliness, then what? In our age, girls come on all fronts, they know everything and can do everything. But it often happens that they do not know one thing - how to find a guy.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult question, there is no paragraph with this title in the textbook. And many girls suffer, dreaming of a young man, kind, beautiful and loving. But to dream, to sigh and to wait at the window when the prince comes to you, this is irrelevant. So you can not wait to intercept the prince halfway more nimble personages. How and where to find a guy - these are the most important questions for a girl.

We are changing in appearance

So, we start the search. The notorious Edith Piaf said something like this: if you want to change your life, change yourself. She was right. Start with yourself: change your hairstyle, hair color, go to a make-up artist, learn to paint in a different way. Pay attention to your wardrobe maybeIs it time to get out of old jeans and change comfortable sneakers to trendy shoes? Men love well-groomed, but not vulgar women, tastefully dressed, attracting attention. Pick up your new perfume, sweet, but not cloying, soft, calling.

Changing the image, you yourself begin to feel differently, you will like yourself. And women who like themselves attract attention and mysteriously like all men. They wake up hunting instinct at the sight of such a tempting "prey." And we just need it.

We change internally

Step two - we change from the inside. You need to find a highlight in yourself, what is your feature, your chip. Let you re-read tons of books and be very clever, or you are good at snowboarding, or you are the best to cross-stitch and dance belly dancing - whatever you like. Start proud of yourself. Raising self-esteem is an important step in deciding how to find the guy of your dreams. Perhaps this is not a direct step, but extremely important, since men love women who know their own worth.

Determined to

In principle, every girl has her own ideal. She knows what the guy of her dreams should look like, how he should be in character. You should not draw yourself a full portrait of a young man with 20 points of ideal qualities.As practice shows, love is chemistry, you can fall in love far from your ideal. After all, everyone knows that love is evil ...

Expanding the circle of search

No need to sit at home, go to exhibitions, go out with friends, meet with work colleagues, etc. That is, to maximize the circle of dating. The Internet is also suitable. Communicating with a large number of people, you increase the likelihood of meeting with the right person for you, as it is easier to find a guy if you have a large selection of young people.

Something about action tactics

So, you liked the young man. We can not allow him to pass by. Action tactics needed.

  • Forget about shyness. If he didn't come first, do it yourself.
  • This requires a reason. The best reason is to ask him for help. Ask for advice if you met at the store. If you work in neighboring departments, go to it with some document and ask to explain what is what. If you met in the parking lot, ask for help to park your car and so on. Perhaps for the first time it will be scary, but, as they say, the first step is the hardest.
  • Flattery - the main weapon of the girl.All men adore her because of their enormous self-importance. Thanks for your help, do not forget to praise him, admire his mental abilities, the ability to cool to park the car and stuff.
  • The women's game should be fine, he should think that it is he who controls the situation. Start a conversation so that he has the opportunity to arrange a date for you. Do not push, be easy to communicate.
  • If he offers you to exchange phone numbers or meet, accept his offer, after a few seconds thinking.
  • If he is not fooled by your tricks, then let him go in peace. So this is not your option, and you still need to practice. Take this acquaintance as a practice in communicating with the opposite sex.

When deciding how to find a good guy, you should not be too serious about the matter, enjoy the search process itself, the game, communicate with various interesting people, do not dwell on the guys too much. And then at one fine moment, without even waiting for it, you will certainly meet HIM, be sure of it!