How to fill the floor in the garage?

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How to fill the floor in the garage?

When choosing a floor for a garage floor, we first of all want it to be durable, durable and resistant to aggressive chemicals. In addition, it is desirable that it is inexpensive, and you can do it yourself. All these criteria, as well as possible, correspond to the classic concrete floor. It is both practical and cheap, and, one can say, eternal. True, he has some drawbacks - the concrete is very dusty and literally absorbs the smell of gasoline and engine oil, and the stains from the same oil completely eats into its surface. However, these disadvantages can be easily managed by treating the concrete floor with a special reinforcing impregnation. If such a floor seems to you not beautiful enough, and you want to lay ceramic tiles in the garage, then you still have to first fill the floor in the garage with concrete, as it is the basis for any other coating.

How to fill the garage floor with concrete

Required materials and tools

To self-fill the floor you will need:

  • river sand
  • gravel
  • fine crushed stone
  • cement brand 400
  • wide roll of thick plastic film
  • metal reinforcement mesh
  • clay
  • thin boards
  • shovel
  • long rule
  • electric concrete mixer

Preparatory work

If you are very lucky and in the base of your garage is already factoryFloor in the garageconcrete slab, then you should skip this step. For all other owners of garages it is vital.

  • In the event that you have to make a concrete floor, as they say, from scratch, the first step is to remove the entire loose surface layer of the soil inside the garage. As a result of these works, you will have a large rectangular pit with a depth of more than half a meter, the bottom and walls that need to be tamped and plastered with liquid clay.
  • On the walls and in the corners of the pit make a markup that will help you control the level of the substrate and the concrete itself.
  • Then in the prepared pit should be poured a uniform layer of gravel with a thickness of 30 to 50 cm. Gravel must be carefully tamped.
  • Pour a ten-centimeter layer of sand over the gravel and tamp it down too.
  • Now you need to put a waterproofing, for this you need a plastic film. The film must be laid in such a way that its edges at the bottom overlap, rise up the walls of the pit and protrude beyond its edges. All joints must be carefully glue tape. You should have a kind of big bath, the edges of which are above the markup of the level of the future finish.

This preparatory work ends. Now you can go to fill the subfloor.

How to fill the garage floor in the rough

Formwork and reinforcement

To give strength to the concrete layer, it is reinforced with a metal grid with a cell size of 10 to 10 centimeters. The grid is laid over the entire floor area, butFloor in the garagebefore pouring the floor in the garage, first construct a formwork of boards 10 cm wide. Their width will be the level that allows you to control the thickness of the concrete layer. Along all the walls are mounted on the edge of the board and carefully fixed in this position. Inside the resulting box is placed reinforcing mesh. If the garage is large, it will be more convenient to divide it across the boards into separate rectangular boxes one meter wide, and put pieces of reinforcement mesh inside each

Concrete preparation

To prepare concrete, you will need an electric concrete mixer, if you do not have one on the farm, you can rent it for several days, or you can mix concrete with a shovel in a large trough. To make high-quality concrete, you need to measure one weight part of cement, two parts of sand and four parts of rubble. Water for the solution will require exactly half of the amount of cement taken. When the concrete is thoroughly mixed, you can begin to pour it into the formwork.

How to fill the floor in the garage in the formwork

Concrete is poured into a box formed from planks so that its level is slightly higher than the height of the rails. Then by a long rule, sliding its ends along the slats, asPour concrete over the floorguides, remove the excess concrete and reciprocatingly - with forward movements align and compact its surface, after which they proceed to the pouring of the next section. If all of the above seemed too complicated, you can see how easy it is to do the professionals. To do this, just enter the query into the search engine: “Fill the floor in the garage video” and the numerous videos available on the network will help you see the whole process with your own eyes.When the concrete grasps, the formwork is removed, and the remaining slots are filled with mortar. After that, the concrete is allowed to "rest" for four weeks. Its surface is regularly moistened and covered with a film. After this period, you can start finishing.

How to fill the concrete floor in the garage with the finishing mixture

The technology of finishing the screed is similar to laying a draft layer of concrete. On the floor, greased with cement "milk", they also lay a reinforcing metal mesh, put out beacons and put the final layer of mortar between three and five centimeters thick, align it with a rule and carefully smooth it down. Now we need to give concrete a month in order to finally dry and harden.