How do people feel?

Many books, films or just life experience teach us to listen to people around us, pay attention to their behavior and draw the right conclusions from this. Understanding the state of the interlocutor, and knowing what he is thinking, you can achieve a lot. This skill can be used in any sphere, as it is necessary to communicate in almost any business. Since the ability to see people through helps a lot in life, why not try to develop it? We will understand how this can be done.

How to learn to feel people

Feeling a person even at a distance can help, such things as:

  1. Books
  2. Films
  3. Children
  4. Peers
  5. Of course
  6. An experience.

Let us examine each item separately.


Books are a universal source of knowledge that can both teach and entertain at the same time. Great writers very well reflected the feelings of people from different times and different nations. Thus, you can learn a lot from the classics. How to understand what a person feels is a problem that is relevant at any time, so it is worth referring to the books.


A huge number of films contains a small percentage of movies that were shot not only for the sake of commerce. Serious films a lot, but they need to look. As a rule, such films are not designed for a mass audience and are not very entertaining. When viewing it is best to notice all the details, pay attention to the mood of the characters. In order to understand how people feel each other, it is important to watch a lot from the outside and films provide this opportunity.


The mouth of the baby is true. The mind of children is not yet clouded with various stereotypes and other prejudices. Their approach to all things is very pure, so you can hear sincere answers from them, as well as to observe very sincere emotions. A child can often notice a lie, demand a fair decision, or trust someone with his dream. Children purely assess the actions of people, so it is important to be able to understand them.

An experience

Experience is always conducive to learning and it does not matter what kind of science we are talking about. Experienced people have seen a lot of life situations, have known many people of different characters and they can already know which reaction to expect.Older people not only complain and grumble, as many young people think. They are wise enough and what kind of life they would not have, they have something to tell. It is better to listen to experienced people and not to argue, as they are unlikely to be able to convince. But to learn many useful things from conversations with them is quite possible and even recommended.


Peers may know no more than you, but watching their behavior from the outside is always helpful. In some situations, you can recognize yourself or notice your own mistakes. Learning from the mistakes of others is quite useful. Noticing a similar situation, you can imagine yourself in the place of another person and think about how you yourself would act in his place. This will allow a better understanding of others, which is very important.

Communication with successful people

The final advice in comprehending this difficult science will be communication with those people who have already achieved success in their work. They possess both experience and knowledge. Communicating with them, you can hear a lot of useful tips.

Thus, in order to understand the people around you, you need to learn a lot and communicate with intelligent individuals who are actively pursuing something.And only time together can hardly teach to understand any other person.