How to feed a chick?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
January 25, 2013
How to feed a chick?

Nestlings that require care fall into our hands in two ways - we pick them up on the street or they are abandoned chicks of our domestic birds, most often wavy parrots. And immediately the question arises, how to feed the chick?

How to feed a parrot chick

Suitable for feeding, heated to a temperature of 30-35 ° C oatmeal mixture "Baby", ground in a coffee grinder to the state of flour and soaked in warm water.

If the chicks have not yet fledged, they should be placed on a heating pad, maintaining a temperature of 35-38 ° C and fed around the clock every 1.5-2 hours, offering a drop of warm mixture with a feather lying on the back of the nestling.

From the age of 1.5 weeks, the mixture is carefully given in small portions from a syringe, dripping directly into the goiter, so that the baby does not suffocate. From two weeks in feedings you can take breaks at night.

How to feed a pigeon chick

Pigeons are fed up to 8 days with warm chicken yolk, to which is added a little whole milk. Fed through a thin rubber tube, which is introduced directly into the esophagus.After 8 days they are fed with a warm mixture of boiled peas, wheat flour and bread crumbs soaked in milk. Pigeons must be given a couple of grains of coarse sand per day.

How to feed a chick, picked up on the street

  • Chicks can not be fed bread, only bread, soaked in milk, but not more than twice a day.
  • Salt should not be given, but crushed chalk should be added to food.
  • Chicks should eat every 2 hours with a 6 hour break for the night. All tiny need around the clock feeding.
  • A nestling of small breeds of birds (sparrows, tits) per day should eat a quantity of feed equal to a third of its weight, larger birds (dud, thrush) - half the weight, and corvids a quarter.
  • Chicks of songbirds can be fed with a mixture of hard-boiled eggs, lean meat and cottage cheese, crushed to a state of gruel.
  • Chicks can be given worms, undisturbed caterpillars, small insects (except brightly colored), as well as small pieces of lean meat and fish.
  • If the chick refuses to eat for 3 hours, feed it by opening the beak with your fingers.