How to feed a cat?

Getting a pet few before his appearance think about how to feed a cat, and in fact proper nutrition is very important for both health and beauty. How, what, how much, there are many questions and lots of options for feeding the cat. Let's look at the main points.

Feeding the cat

  • How to feed a cat correctly is balanced and in accordance with sexual, weight and age norms. Feeding a kitten is different from feeding an adult neutered cat.
  • Regularly - the cat should have a regime and a clear place where she eats. Therefore, food must always be given at the same time and in the same place and a clean bowl that your cat will remember. If she knows where and when to wait for food, she probably won't beg or awaken you ahead of time, unless she is hungry. But so that the cat does not starve the food in the bowl should always be at least some and it should be available to the cat at any time.
  • Make sure that the cat always has fresh drinking water - do not use mineral or raw tap water, preferably filtered boiled.Milk for an adult cat is not suitable, it can be given to kittens or adults as a treat, and not as a regular product.
  • How much to feed a cat - the amount of food, calculated approximately 30-60 grams per kilogram of the weight of your furry friend (however, if you have a sphinx, then velvety). Do not make the cat go hungry and do not allow overeating, to avoid this when getting used to the types of food, it is better to teach the kitten to different species from childhood so that it can eat fish and vegetables and meat and you can alternate them so that the cat will not get bored.
  • The better to feed the cat - there are two main options: to cook food on your own or use ready-made food, even veterinarians disagree. Cooking yourself is not always convenient and there is not always time for it, but this way we know the exact diet of the cat and easily adjust it. In this case, the basics will be raw meat (but not pork), vegetable puree and dairy products only if the cat is taught to them in advance, as well as meat and fish with porridge, fish should not be given often, as well as liver. In the finished feed usually has everything you need, but high-quality feed is more expensive, and the diet consisting of feed is difficult to vary.There are combined options: a cat always has dry food, and at any time it can crunch it, but every morning and evening it is given meat, fish or liver.
  • What to feed the British cat and other purebred pets - the rules for feeding homemade food will be standard, but you can choose ready-made food specifically for the breed, for example, there is food for short-haired and long-haired cats, active or for fluffy couch potatoes. What kind of food to feed the cat, especially thoroughbred better resolved together in a veterinarian.
  • How many times to feed a cat - you can choose the most convenient option and adjust to your schedule. Distribute the rate of food calculated by the weight of the cat per day. If you make small portions, then give them more often, food can be 4-5 one-time for small portions, so the food is easier to digest, but be prepared that the cat, without eating enough, will require supplements. For working people it is most convenient to have two meals a day - 2 servings of food in the morning and in the evening after work (but not before bedtime, about 18 hours). In this mode, it is better still that the cat always had a backup version of the feed, which will always be available.

So, the basic rules of how to feed a cat: you can feed a cat as independently prepared food (especially for it without spices, fat and salt) or ready-made food. Make sure she always has fresh water and access to the bowl. The diet of the cat must be diversified to avoid addiction. Do not feed the cat pork and food from your table.