How to fall in love with Libra?

You are selflessly in love with a guy, but do not know how to interest him and cause sympathetic response. You know that his birthday falls on a date between September 23 and October 24, which means that according to the horoscope he is Libra. The only inanimate sign, and therefore special. Their main advantage is the innate sense of justice and the desire for harmony in everything. They are prone to creation, peace, at the same time, they themselves are sometimes flimsy and slightly selfish.

How to fall in love with a man Libra?

This sign of the zodiac easily turns the head of the opposite sex, knows how to like and is always in the center of attention. For his heart will have to fight, be able to stand out, attract attention and become a reliable support. Initiative is not their strong point, they often need approval and support. Delicately demonstrate your determination, but do not push like a tank on the battlefield.

How to fall in love with the Libra guy, using his astrological features? Invite him to the theater or to a new exhibition, he will have a wonderful time and will appreciate you as a woman with a deep look at life.As a creative and creative sign, he loves everything beautiful, take advantage of this, become his muse. A little makeup, a mysterious smile, understatement and restraint in everything - will intrigue the Libra man. Create yourself an ephemeral image of an understanding and tender woman, alluring and gracious at the same time.

How to fall in love with Libra? Very simple, become his ideal. This sign feels fine art, close to poetry and music. His ideal is the beautiful Blok stranger, who gives the chosen one an “enchanted distance” hidden behind a dark veil. The ideal woman never makes tantrums, forgives innocent mistakes with a smile and knows how to adapt to Libra's frequent mood changes.

Astrologers say that Leo can become the best partner for Libra. Aries is also compatible with this sign, but only in the bedroom, but Gemini are close to Libra spiritually and intellectually. Also, the stars say that Virgo and capricious Cancer are not the most suitable pair for Libra.

How behaves in love with Libra?

Love is a feeling that can not be hidden from others, you will immediately notice that a Libra man is in love if:

  • He becomes timid in your presence, becomes indecisive or, on the contrary, shows excessive courage in communication, becomes talkative, speaks a lot and at a bluff.
  • He shows you a sexual attraction, makes frank compliments, takes a hand, tries to embrace.
  • Demonstrates caring for you, takes interest in your affairs, escorts you home, puts your jacket on your shoulders if it is cold outside.
  • Invites to various cultural events or just in the cafe.
  • Careful than usual watching the appearance, shoes polished to shine, the freshest, most fashionable shirt - all this to attract the attention of the chosen one.
  • Indulges with presents, which include not only flowers, chocolate, and soft toys, but also romantic notes or even poems.
  • He lets you into his personal space, invites you to his place, introduces him to friends and family.