How to equip a small kitchen?

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How to equip a small kitchen?

In a small kitchen it is so difficult to place everything that is necessary for the hostess. But if you set a goal, then with the help of simple tricks you can try to extract the maximum benefit from the room.

Tips for arranging a small kitchen

Immediately, we note that for problem kitchens the order of furniture according to an individual project will be the most appropriate solution. This will allow you to use any non-standard, but reasonable in your case decisions that will make the kitchen as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

  • The best solution for a small kitchen is light colors with a minimalist decor, because too active decoration, rich dark colors will visually reduce the already modest space. The same applies to textiles, as well as the design of the furniture, wall and floor decorations, and the ceiling.
  • The shape of the kitchen can be either straight in the form of a line or L-shaped. In the latter case, you can advantageously use the corners - for this there are special storage systems that are very wellkitcheninvolve the angular space.
  • Thinking about how to equip a small kitchen with all the necessary appliances, give preference to the built-in appliances of small dimensions. In particular, it is possible to purchase a hob not on 4, but only on 2 burners, or to buy the most compact refrigerator that fits under the countertop. If the kitchen is very tiny, then you will have to be content with only the most necessary (you will have to give up the washing machine and dishwasher in the kitchen) or consider expanding the room through a corridor or by completely re-planning the apartment.
  • If you do not require maximum functionality from the kitchen, it would be better to abandon the top row of cabinets, because it will also hide space. However, if you plan to use the room to the maximum, then wall-mounted cabinets will be required. And it is worth considering the option in which the cabinets at the top are arranged in two rows and go right up to the ceiling. In this case, you will significantly increase the storage space for various kitchen utensils. The doors at the upper cabinets should not be swinging open, but moving upwards. So you will be more comfortable.
  • For the lower row of cabinets, it is better to choose retractable structures - they will also make work in the kitchen more convenient, because it will be much easier to get the pan from the farthest corner with
  • When deciding how and how to furnish a small kitchen, give preference to folding table and chair designs or remove the dining area altogether, transferring it to the living room. Instead, it will be possible (if possible) to make a slight similarity to the bar counter and place a couple of high stools near it.
  • Decorate even a small kitchen with a well thought-out lighting system. Feel free to use spotlights to illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen, lights for individual cabinets. Above the dining table, you can impose a concise, but attractive hanging chandelier of small size with adjustable height.
  • Excellent support space for wall fixing systems. On them you will be able to place containers with various kitchen tools, towels, jars for spices, detergents and cleaning products, cups and so on.
  • Conventional hinged doors in a small-sized kitchen should be replaced with a compartment design.First, it will save you space, because opening a swing door always requires more space. In addition, swing doors always look more bulky, they occupy precious meters.
  • To increase the working area, extend the table top to the window. In this case, you replace the window sill with a more functional surface. You can also use special covers for the sink and stove.