How to eat a watermelon?

Julia Belova
Julia Belova
June 6, 2014
How to eat a watermelon?

Juicy pink flesh of watermelon reminds of summer. In the summer, watermelons in large quantities fill the domestic markets and shops. Eat a slice of another watermelon - what could be more delicious in the heat! In addition, the watermelon contains various vitamins. In a word, and tasty, and useful! However, not all so simple. Asking about how and when there is a watermelon, you can find a lot of nuances.

Choosing and buying the right watermelon

From the right choice of watermelon depend not only its taste, but also benefit. It is undesirable to buy early ripening melons - you can get poisoned by the nitrates and other harmful additives contained in them. Watermelon, like a sponge, absorbs everything useful and harmful that surrounds it during growth. When do you have a watermelon? The best time is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Choosing a watermelon, click on it with your fingers: a good ripe watermelon will have a sound, like a drum, - loud, sonorous, resonating. Bottom on the side of the watermelon there is an “earthen spot” - this is the very place where the watermelon touched the ground while it grew and matured. A ripe watermelon spot will be yellow.Before use, do not forget to thoroughly wash the watermelon!

How and with what they eat watermelon

Perhaps a few are wondering how to eat a watermelon. Nothing complicated: cut off the chunk - enjoy! Or even simpler: you can cut the watermelon into two halves and eat right with a spoon. The cut watermelon is stored very briefly, even in the refrigerator, so you need to eat it right away.

According to the etiquette, watermelon is served cut into small pieces without a crust and seeds. It relies on eating a fork. If chunks of watermelon with crusts lie on a common dish, they are gently taken with their hands. Fingers wipe with a napkin.

Some love the unusual flavors of watermelon. It can be eaten, sprinkling with salt. Watermelon is also eaten with bread, both black and white. You can try a watermelon with salted cheese or cheese, it will turn out quite tasty and unusual. Watermelons are even marinated, but this is absolutely for amateurs.

The benefits and harm of watermelon

Watermelon easily quenches thirst and saturates the body with useful microelements. Its pulp consists of water, fructose and fiber. In addition, watermelon has diuretic and choleretic properties, perfectly removes toxins, preventing various diseases. Watermelon is perfectly absorbed by the body.Even diabetics can watermelon, but not more than 200-300 grams. You can learn how to eat watermelon for pregnant women from our other article. However, eating watermelon can be harmful to people suffering from disorders of the urinary system, as well as those with diarrhea, edema, or kidney stones. Of course, the most important thing is not to overdo it, because even the useful is good in moderation.