How do you dream a guy?

Feelings are not always mutual, but there are ways by which a man’s attention can be drawn to himself. Of course, you can often contact him for various questions, ask for help, but in this case you can only rely on friendly relations. However, you can climb into the dreams of a lover, and then he will look at you with different eyes. But how to do it? Consider several options.

How to dream a guy with the help of visualization?

You can dream of a guy through visualization. To do this, every evening after sunset you should relax and simulate a dream that the beloved will later see. You need to think about a clear structure of sleep and keep it in your head. This dream can be returned during the day.

When visualizing a dream, it is important to imagine how you put it in your lover’s head. In addition, you should also imagine how he tells you that you dreamed of him. It is necessary to present everything brightly, emotionally; only so the venture will be crowned with success.You should not expect a quick result, because it takes time for the idea to become a reality.

How to dream a guy with magic?

How to make a dream guy? You can turn to magic, and to call on the moon to help. The ritual is performed only during the full moon, therefore it is considered very strong. To hold it you will need the following attributes:

  • 1 white candle;
  • picture of a guy.

However, for this ritual will need to go out of town and find an open area. The ideal option would be to find a hill on which you need to stand, take a burning candle in your right hand, and a guy in the left photo. Look through the flame of a burning candle to the moon and say the following words:

"A full month is full of energy, I want the guy (name) to pay attention to me, let my image come to him in a dream and reality."

Repeat this text 3 times, constantly mentally imagining the person to whom the spell is directed, and tightly holding all the attributes. After the end of the ritual, go home, not turning around along the way, not looking at the moon or talking to anyone.

How to dream a guy who likes, if you can not go out of town? In this case, the next rite, which is also held at the full moon, will help.Looking at the star, cross your mouth and say the following plot:

“A dream about me, only for you is a servant of God (name). Amen".

How can you dream a former guy?

In order to dream of a former guy, you need to hold a very strong rite. To hold it you will need:

  • a bunch of straw;
  • matches;
  • pillow.

Take a small bundle of straw and burn it, standing at the window. Remove one straw from it beforehand and hide it under your pillow. When burning straw, speak the following conspiracy three times:

“Go, smoke, to the servant of God (name), so that the smoke swirled and turned in the wind, so that I, the servant of God (name), would dream to my beloved every night. To be in my opinion. "