How to draw with acrylic paints?

What we painted only ten years ago? Gouache, pencils, oil paints and watercolor. And today, what just is not in specialized stores, as much as my eyes run. For example, acrylic paints. What is it and how to draw with acrylic paints? Let's try to understand this issue together.

About acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are very versatile, and if you are interested in whether you can paint on fabric or paper with acrylic paints, then we will answer you - yes. These paints can be painted on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, canvas, glass, plastic, wood, metal, and so on. They are used for various types of painting and decorative and applied works and give great scope for creativity. That is why this type of paint is very fond of many.

They can be painted with natural or synthetic brushes of various shapes, a palette knife, and even, if properly diluted, with an airbrush. These paints have a number of undeniable merits.They do not contain solvents; before they are dry, they are easily washed off with water; resistant to light and does not fade; due to the elasticity of the film give the possibility of textured writing.

How to learn to paint with acrylic paints? If you are at least a little familiar with the technique of drawing with watercolor or gouache, then you will not be hard to learn to paint with acrylic, which, by the way, is a joy for the artist in its pure form, it does not spread, does not fade, does not crack and dries quickly .

How to draw colors: instructions

Knowing how to paint with acrylic paints, you can achieve excellent results. Mixing paint with water, you will achieve a watercolor effect. If you paint with undiluted acrylic using a palette knife or a coarse bristle brush, then your drawing will not be distinguished from an oil painting.

  1. First, select the surface on which we will draw. We select paints depending on whether it is smooth or porous.
  2. For the watercolor effect, it is necessary to dilute the paint with water. Brushes for this type of drawing are selected from soft fibers. Paint diluted on the palette.If you apply one translucent layer after another, waiting until the first one dries, and applying them so that one covers the other a little, then you can achieve a very interesting effect. Instead of water, you can also use a special diluent.
  3. If you paint with undiluted acrylic, the brushes need synthetic and fairly rigid, flat and wide. You need to paint with quick movements, as the paint dries in a fairly short period of time. If you suddenly didn’t like what you drew, then everything is easy enough to fix by applying a new layer of paint on the drawing.
  4. On top of the dried paint, you can apply strokes with a felt-tip pen, a pencil or ink to give your work completeness.

We draw acrylic on nails

Many women of fashion who have experience in building nails know firsthand about acrylic painting on nails. This process is taught in special courses, which, by the way, are very expensive. However, in drawing with acrylic paints on the nails there is nothing difficult. How to paint on nails with acrylic paints and what is needed for this? Prepare a colorless or colored lacquer, paints and several special brushes.

  1. We cover the nails with varnish, let it dry.
  2. Choose a picture, select the right colors. If you don't draw too well, then start with a simple drawing. Try to keep your hand from trembling, take your time, be careful.
  3. The main problem is that it is inconvenient for right-handers to draw themselves on the right hand, left-handers - on the left. So if you have a girlfriend who knows how to draw a little and wants to experiment with a nail design, then it will be much better if you do drawing on the nails together.
  4. After everything is dry, apply a layer of clear varnish over the nails. That's all ready!

Thus, acrylic paints are an interesting thing and provide plenty of room for creativity. I have no doubt that if you like to paint, acrylic paints will occupy a solid place on your desktop, and you will become a universal artist, conquering your friends and loved ones with wonderful and extremely interesting works made with acrylic paints.