How to draw winter?

Nadezhda Manko
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How to draw winter?

Winter is the most magical time of the year. Walking under the light of night lights, you can for a moment imagine that you are in a fairy tale or wonderland. From the light of the snow sparkles and everything shines. And how many wonderful holidays in the winter, carnivals and just good frosty days. No wonder A. S. Pushkin wrote about winter morning: �Frost and sun; wonderful day! �. Sometimes in the hot summer or rainy autumn I want to remember the winter-mother. Undoubtedly, you can make a lot of beautiful photos of the winter time, and you can put a piece of your soul into these memories and draw a winter.

Each represents how to draw the winter in its own way. There are many ways to draw. Let's start with the simplest, how to draw a winter with a pencil. Before this, it is important to know that it does not matter what you draw the winter. The most important thing is to know the main images that are associated with this season. Probably everyone knows how to draw a tree in winter. For example, portraying gray trees with no leaves, you make it clear in your work that it is winter.You can also depict a snowman in the background, snow drifts, dressed children in warm fur coats playing snowballs.

Winter is associated with the New Year holidays, so you can draw a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, riding on a sleigh with a bunch of gifts. The most important thing is that the final version of your painting should evoke the brightest emotions in your mind about this wonderful time of the year. Let's go back to how to draw the winter with a pencil. If you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, you first need to make the first sketches, before which, precisely deciding what exactly you are going to draw. Drawing in pencil, it is important to know the basic techniques and features. In any case, it is much easier to draw with a pencil than with paints, because you can easily correct the shortcomings.

When it comes to painting with paints, then it is worth saying that this is not an easy task. Not every good artist can depict a masterpiece from the first time. Features of drawing paints are that there are a large number of their varieties: gouache, watercolor, oil, etc. There is an opinion of one psychologist that winter, painted in colors, is most clearly perceived by children.This is due to the fact that this time of year causes our children associations with something magical, fun, holidays, holidays, and children like colors most of all. Therefore, choosing a picture in the children's room, which depicts the winter, you should pay attention to it.

Not everyone can be a great artist, but everyone can draw. This is especially true of children. Therefore, do not be lazy to give children pencils or paints and a white sheet of paper on which they can throw out their energy and emotions. It has long been established that drawing makes the imagination of children richer.