How to draw barbie

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 14, 2013
How to draw barbie

Incredibly, for so many years Barbie is the most favorite doll of girls. It is not surprising that they not only dress her up, sew costumes, create furniture for her and at home. This doll is depicted on paper, devoting her pictures. How to draw barbie After all, the task seems to be hard.

  1. We draw the frame, the basis for our figures. It will be three components - the face, chest, hips. Face make oval. The chest is two small circles, the hips are a little bigger circle. Try to keep the proportional distance between these parts of the body. From these basics we draw hands (two lines) and hair.
  2. Now draw the eyes, mouth. Detail the hair, draws fingers. It is better to make a short skirt, depict folds on it. If you wear Barbie pants, make them later. Try to give your Barbie elegance. Her hands are thin, and her face is very small compared to a cloud of hair. Do not forget to portray the waist, neck. Ears can be hidden under the hair. At this stage it becomes clear how to draw a Barbie doll.
  3. We draw the legs, it is better to portray them not straight, but in motion. To get your feet in the correct shape, first make a base for them - lines, a length proportional to the rest of the body. Pants repeat the shape of the legs, because our doll wears fashionable clothes. Do not forget to portray shoes, draw a neckline, jewelry (hairpin, beads and bracelet).
  4. We explained in detail how to draw Barbie with a pencil. In the final, color Barbie to make it natural and lively. This can be done with pencils, and you can - with rich colors.

Drawing a doll is easier than a person. It is important to remember that Barbie's legs are longer than that of an ordinary girl, her hair is longer, and bright clothes can hide the flaws of the painted figure. Hair should remain light, hover your eyelashes brighter. Your Barbie is ready! And a couple of links at last:

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