How to draw a sunset?

Alik Mullahmetov
Alik Mullahmetov
March 14, 2013
How to draw a sunset?

Sunset is a temporary cyclical phenomenon when the sun is on the horizon line. Many artists who paint landscapes love to portray this particular phenomenon of nature, since the image of the sunset always comes in different ways. But how to draw a sunset correctly? Sunset is always a combination of very beautiful and complex shades, so it is very difficult to write a sunset in pencil style or with paints. There are several techniques for drawing a sunset, and here is one of them.

Drawing a sunset

  1. The first thing to do is to draw the main lines: the horizon, the water, and the semicircle, which goes down to the horizon line. To make the picture seem more complete, we will draw two lines along the edges of the sheet of paper, which will later be palm trees.
  2. To the two lines that will serve as the trunk of a palm tree, draw one more to form a full-fledged trunk. Try to paint the base of the trees is not very smooth, so that it looked believable.
  3. At the top of the trunk draw a few small circles of irregular shape, which later will be coconuts. Sketch a leaf outline with a pencil.
  4. In the third stage, make the first lines of the waves. Let your lines be slightly convex and concave on different parts of the future wave. Also draw the contours of the leaves and stalks of palm trees. Try not to clutter up the entire surface of the picture with leaves, but when drawing the leaves, consider their details to make them soft and shiny.
  5. This stage will be devoted to the water element. Add the rest of the waves so that they are quite diverse.
  6. The next step is the shadows. Show the shadows on the trunks of palm trees, coconuts, waves. Erase the guiding lines that you drew to help yourself in the early stages of the drawing.

After you erased all the lines that you first drew for the outline, you got a complete, three-dimensional picture. You can leave it in black and white or add brightness and vary colors. Here's how to draw a sunset with a pencil! This instructive article will help you portray the sunset unusually beautiful and interesting.