How to draw a shape?

If you are going to draw a human figure from life, then you should first examine a person from all four sides. Special attention should be paid to what its shape is. This kind of familiarization right before the drawing process itself will help you a lot. Also, before you draw a figure on a piece, you can make a few preliminary sketches. So let's take a look at how to draw a human figure.

They begin to depict a person from the front position, that is, we need to draw a figure from four sides in advance, and only then proceed to the image of the volumetric front side. We fix the paper vertically and try to position it so that the master is comfortable to draw.

Figure drawing procedure

It is necessary to begin the image with the definition of the line of gravity. Very often, it is located within the jugular depression and the seventh cervical vertebra. If we draw a figure in front, the line will be located at the jugular fossa, and if at the back, then at the cervical vertebra.Now we need to note the upper part of the crown, the level of the pubic articulation and the base of the foot. Only by refining them can we proceed to building the foundations of a human figure.

When you draw, it is very important to keep in mind that the human figure consists of two parts: the pelvis and the shoulder girdle. If a person relies only on one leg, their relative position will be slightly different. After the second leg relaxes, the pelvis loses its supporting function and assumes a slightly bent position, while keeping the supporting leg a little to the side. That is why the whole body moves slightly in the other direction relative to the center of gravity. The pelvis of the figure will be in one side, and the rib cage in the other. In this case, it is very important that the body itself assumes a state of equilibrium. In this case, the foot of the support leg will be located on the line of the center of gravity.

We draw correctly the main lines

The most important task in building a human figure is to place the figure on a plane so that it stands as stable as possible. For this purpose, a special line of plumb has been invented.We draw it, and then we move a little aside to see if it is perpendicular to the plane on which the person stands. The plumb line and the center of gravity line are the two main lines that will help someone who doesn't know how to draw a shape.

The next line is the bending line of the body. Depending on what position a person is in, it will change significantly. Start drawing it should be from the jugular hollow, and then move to the pubis. It should cover the whole figure, the so-called body contour. It is this line that is responsible for who you are painting, a man or a woman.

Thus, after we have drawn the outline of a human figure, you can begin to depict the smallest details. You can begin to draw facial features. We determine visually the location of the mouth, nose and eyes and try to evenly arrange them. Remember that each person has a distance between the mouth and the eyes individually.

Errors in depicting a human figure

Now let's look at what the most common mistakes can be made without knowing how to draw human figures.

First of all, this is an incorrect definition of the support foot sled, if the support is on one side only. The second error is the location of the support leg far from the plumb line.The third is the image on the figure of an additional point of support, which is not in reality. Look such a figure would be extremely ridiculous and not realistic.

If we draw the head and the figure in a static position, that is, supported by two legs, then the plumb line must pass through the axis of symmetry of the body along the navel through the pubis. Parallel to each other should be the line of the pelvis and shoulder. That is why all parts of the body are in balance.

If you draw a human figure that rests on one leg, then you need to correctly calculate the slopes of the shoulder girdle and pelvis in space. It is advisable to do this meaningfully, understanding how the figure will move in space in the future. If you know this, then you can accurately determine the size of the necessary parts of the body in relation to each other, as well as to the whole body as a whole. This moment is fundamental when we draw the head and figure of a person. Also, when we measure proportions, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that not a single person today has exact proportions. Each of us has deviations in the structure of the figure, someone has less and someone has more.That is what is strictly taken into account when drawing.

The proportions are determined with the help of a natural scale, namely the pencil marks the height of the figure on the outstretched arm, as well as its parts in such a state in which they will be visible later. You also need to rely on your own eye, it never fails.

Figure shape

In the process of drawing a figure, it is necessary to simultaneously observe the general character of the shape of the model. Many beginning artists do not even try to determine the form of the model, but immediately begin to transfer the visible shape of the form onto a sheet of paper. In this case, the figure will look flat to add volume to it will have to sweat. The form should be an integral part of the space, so it is necessary to depict it in volume. Thus, in order for everything to work out correctly, it is necessary in the drawing process to imagine that you are making a figure out of clay.

Having drawn a human figure and giving it the necessary outlines, you can move on to adding tone, shadows and penumbraes. It is this process that “revives” our figure, it begins to look more realistic.

To draw a beautiful human figure, you will need a lot of experience, so if you have something wrong for the first time, you should not be upset. When we draw the head and figure of a person, the main thing for us is to understand how the proportions are placed, and whether the body is symmetrical.

Drawing: body proportions