How to draw a rose?

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How to draw a rose?

Do you want to draw a rose, but you can not draw? No problem! In this article we will tell you how to draw a rose in stages, and the drawing process will be pleasant and exciting for you!

How to draw a rose pencil

The popularity of drawing roses is connected with the simplicity of drawing, although from the side the image may look complicated. In fact, probably, only a daisy is easier to portray (see "How to draw a daisy?") Than a rose. If desired, even a beginner will cope with this task. And how can you please your loved ones, especially girls, with a hand-made postcard! We give a simple and clear algorithm for drawing this magnificent flower.

  • We start to draw from the core: let's draw a small curl in the center of the leaf, the curl depicts petals in the very center of the flower.
  • We continue to draw petals from the center. Step back a couple of millimeters from the previous figure and draw an arc. With its ends, the arc should touch the petals that you drew before.
  • Further we depict more such arcs - petals.They must be of different size and shape, because the rose petals are not the same. We arrange the petals evenly from all sides, the flower should eventually have a round shape.
  • Draw petals until you reach the desired size of the rose. Whether it will be a large, blooming flower or a half-closed bud, you decide for yourself.

When you finish one flower, it will be clear how to draw a bouquet of roses. According to the algorithm indicated above, draw several roses next to each other. Below you can paint on stems and leaves, or you can fill the entire surface of a sheet of paper or postcard with flowers.

  • To give the flower volume, use a pencil shading. To do this, darken the inner part of each petal, and leave the outer part light. Hatching should change saturation gradually. Art schools are specifically taught to transmit volume through chiaroscuro. If you are not experienced in this matter, first practice on a separate sheet.
  • When the pencil drawing is ready, you can add color. Use colored pencils, felt-tip pens or water-colors. (the latter look especially advantageous) Give the picture to dry and, voila! Your original, and most importantly, unique gift is ready!

Video - how to draw a rose

On the Internet you can find a lot of videos, how to draw a rose. They vividly illustrate the process of drawing a flower from different angles, with different lighting. Here is a video on this topic:

Often, such videos are filmed by professionals, so do not be discouraged if you cannot complete the same drawing as in the video.

Nowadays, many spend a tremendous amount of time on social networks. You can also make a pleasant surprise for a friend or girl by drawing a rose on VKontakte. How to draw a rose Vkontakte? Of course, using the tools for drawing graffiti. Graphic editor provides ample opportunity for self-expression. Draw a rose Vkontakte on the same algorithm as usual, but use the mouse. When drawing with a mouse, of course, certain difficulties may arise. Therefore, even if you have already learned how to draw decently on paper, do not expect that you will have the same beautiful graffiti. But with a certain skill and training you will succeed! To help you video, how to draw a rose Vkontakte:

Good luck to you! Give friends and loved roses, painted and alive!