How to draw a postcard?

It is always nice to receive gifts and greetings from loved ones on holidays and birthdays. And when a gift or greeting card is made with your own hands, it is doubly pleasant, because a piece of the soul of the one who made them for you with sincere love is embedded in them. If you thought up to please your friend with a homemade postcard, first think: will he appreciate your efforts? The process of creating a beautiful handmade greeting card is very laborious and laborious, it is not for nothing that their best samples are equated to small works of art. And you will be hurt if the postcard, on which you have spent so much time and effort, will be carelessly thrown on the table, not even read. Such postcards should be done only for the closest and dear to your heart people who will keep them for good memories for years.


If you are established in your decision, before you draw a card, you must first decide what materials you already have, and what else you may need. We stock up on everything we need and proceed directly to creativity.

Now you should think about what to draw in a postcard and jot down a few sketches on paper.Do not overestimate your talents, it is better to depict something quite simple, but bright, expressive, symbolizing the holiday, to which this card is timed. Can't draw at all? You can cheat a little and print on a printer you like the black-and-white outline from the children's coloring book, or you can draw primitive figures symbolically depicting stars, flowers, Christmas trees or snowflakes. The main thing - all this is then beautifully painted and decorated.

The preparatory work has been completed. We take a clean white sheet of good paper for drawing, bend it in half. On the front side in the center apply a selected pencil with a thin pencil. We outline the contours of the congratulatory inscription.

Various postcards options

If we want to draw a postcard with our own hands in a trendy vintage style, it is better to paint it all with watercolors, which will muffle the color and create a slight touch of antiquity. The drawing must also correspond to the chosen style. Teddy bears, naive kittens or angels will fit perfectly into the intended image. Thin ornate signature will successfully complete the case.

Postcard for the child should be brighter and more fun.For example, you can draw a birthday card for a baby using gouache, gold and silver gel pens for drawing contours, sparks and stars. Draw a favorite fairy-tale character or a cake with candles, brightly color not only the drawing, but also the background, decorate the postcard with sparkles and three-dimensional details - a bow or a paper flower. Inscription make a short, large, well-readable font.

If you do not know how to draw a postcard to your mother, stop your choice on a bouquet of her favorite colors. Tie up the bouquet can be a real satin ribbon. To do this, make in the right place postcards two neat parallel slits along the width of the tape. Stretch the ribbon through them and tie a beautiful bow on the front side. Cut off the excess ends with scissors. You can also decorate a postcard with lace and beautiful buttons, stitching them to paper or securing them with special silicone glue. Do not forget to write a greeting text, do not be stingy with words of gratitude and good wishes - Mom will always be pleased to read them.

We probably will not give advice on what can be drawn on a postcard for a friend or girlfriend.Here the boundaries for the flight of your imagination simply does not exist.

If you do not have time or drawing materials, but you have a computer and a desire to make your postcard, you can always use the Yandex “postcards” service. It has the ability to create colorful virtual postcards and send them to recipients via email.