How to draw a lion?

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How to draw a lion?

Hello! I hope everyone remembers those wonderful moments from the 90s, when the videotape was very popular, and the children gathered in front of the TV with a video recorder and watched cartoons ...

Now I will tell you just two words, and you will immediately be filled with memories. Ready? So, the Lion King ... Immediately I recall the superbly drawn characters and the cool plot, it is a pity that now we will not see this ... But let's see how to draw the Lion King.

Let's indulge in these cool memories, and I'll tell you how to draw a lion in stages. We draw with you a cartoon character, namely Scar. Scar - the younger brother of the lion king. A kind of villain, however, draw him quite informative.

I will tell you how to draw a lion with a pencil, because it is the most suitable drawing tool in stages.

We start with a simple one: prepare a sharp pencil, preferably a hard one, it is easier to remove, also take an eraser, and so where is a good mood!

  1. The first step we will draw an oval - the future body of the hero.And on top and a little circle to the left - the future head of a lion. On the head we will make preparation for eyes and a mouth.
  2. The second step we make paws. Our lion will sit, so you can see only three legs: the front two and one back. We draw paws from the lower left part of the oval, they look like golf clubs at this stage. And also from the bottom - the right part of the hind paw, also a stick, but this, you know, that someone had already managed to bend with anger. The "handle" is curved. From the end of the paw - line. She turn into a tail.
  3. The third step is to go to the face. Draw your eyes, put some anger in them. The upper part of the mouth or nose comes out directly from the eyes. Do more angular lines - it will give some kind of anger to our hero.
  4. Step Four. Everything is also a face. From the nose, there is a slyly smiling mouth with a mane hanging down, and above the eyes is a forehead with everything also a slightly hanging mane.
  5. Step five. Draw the nose, eyes, mustache and fangs, in general, we complete the work on the face of the hero. Through the left eye let the scar - the main mark of the hero, because of which he, most likely, got his name.
  6. The sixth step. Draw a mane. It is difficult to give instructions here, because the mane can be drawn as you please and this will not spoil the drawing, it will only change. I will draw a thick mane, it comes both from above and a little below. Making a tighter body.Draw your back straight to the back of your paw.
  7. At the seventh stage we draw short ears and draw the front paws. Paw let straight from the mane, it will give the feeling of some kind of malice in the image of the hero. On the paws themselves are four fingers.
  8. The eighth step. Draw a back paw to the hero. Draw the tail. Draw a thin tail, again for greater emotionality. Our hero is not the most positive, respectively, and he has a thin tail. Draw claws on all paws. Create the illusion that the mane passes behind the paw nearest to us; to the right of it, output a part of the mane.

That's all, remove the extra, auxiliary lines and right in front of you is a hero from the cartoon. I hope the question "how to draw a lion," I answered in full. See you again!