How to draw a forest?

The nature of our neighborhood is filled with such bright and undoubted colors that you just want to draw it. Especially when you get into the forest. No matter what season it will be. He always urges us to capture his boundless beauty.

Preparation for drawing

Even a person who did not have to draw before can try his hand. And thanks to our advice on how to draw a forest in its full glory, it will not be difficult. For work you will need a clean sheet, pencils, brushes, paints and a jar of water. Naturally, if you can get an easel somewhere, then drawing will be more convenient. But, and if there is no such possibility, do not be upset. Use something solid as a substrate for the sheet and focus on the figure.

Pencil wood

If the forest is painted with colors, it expresses all the mood that the artist, even a beginner, has put into it. But how to draw a forest with a pencil to reflect the mood and its state at any time of the year? Our step-by-step advice will help to cope with this.

  1. We indicate by clicking on the pencil line of the horizon.If there is a path, we will also highlight it.
  2. Go to the sketch of trees. In this case, we must first draw near trees, and then those that are located further. If the tree is very far away, it can be identified by lightly pressing the pencil, indicating only the top. We draw trunks. Large and small, which are present in the forest.
  3. The next step is to draw the trunks above. In this case, you can not push hard on the pencil. And at the foot of the trees draw grass.
  4. Go to the treetops. Make outlines, depending on the shape of the tree. For more accurate pictures add shadows. It is not necessary to draw each twig on a tree. You can create a shadow in some places by shading a part of it. Be sure to ensure that the shadow fell in one direction.
  5. To indicate the sky, you will need to do feathering with a pencil. In the forest, the sky is dull. For a more accurate picture, pound a pencil with a piece of paper, in any case not a finger.

Paint drawing instructions

  • for a start we make a sketch. By lightly pressing the pencil we make light outlines, and to make it darker, we create a shadow, for example, we press the pencil with more force.
  • proceed to sketch the sky.It is necessary to dilute the ultramarine and cobalt color, apply to the designated place for the sky. Then it is necessary to dissolve the burnt umber with a small amount of carmine to outline the bottom of the clouds.
  • the next step is to designate the foreground of the picture. Dissolve burnt umber with ocher rinse and add orange paint there. This composition will schedule grass. The paint should be applied with sharp movements to make the foreground more expressive. In the process, add paint, present in one place or another grass of the forest.
  • go to the drawing foliage. Apply leaf colors to your presentation. It is not recommended to use paint in one color. Real artists use a mixture to convey the soul. If the paint has flowed, it does not matter. Blot her with a napkin.
  • To paint the grass, you also need to use a set of colors. Do not forget to indicate the shadow of the trees.

Thus, our advice will prompt everyone on how to draw a forest in stages. And you will have no difficulties in such a creative work, neither by drawing with a pencil, nor by paints. The instruction is available even to novice artists. We wish you good luck!