How to draw a bell?

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How to draw a bell?

It is difficult for any novice artist to begin the process of creating a picture that he has never tested in drawing an object. Moreover, if the artist is going to draw flowers. The complexity of drawing flowers lies in the fact that flowers are unique in nature, and each of them is not like its fellow. So the question arises: how to draw a bell? Consider the stages

Preparatory process

Before you begin to address the issue - how to draw bells-flowers, it is worth preparing the materials that will be required to create a picture. You should take: a sheet of paper, a simple pencil, an eraser-gum, watercolor paints and a brush or colored pencils. At the very beginning, you should decide on the location of a sheet of paper (horizontal or vertical) and the location of the object itself (in the center of the sheet, along the edge from below or above, shifted to the left or right). In addition, you need to immediately decide: it will be a bunch of bells, one flower, a flower bed with bells.After the preparatory activities, you can begin the process.

Start from the stem

There are several options for drawing bells. Consider the option - how to draw a bell-flower, starting from the stem. For the accuracy of the flower reproduction, you should use a picture, a photo with a picture of bells or draw from life, looking at the flower in the flowerbed. At first it is light, without pressure, with strokes using a simple pencil to outline a stem with a slanted tip. After, draw the veins on the stalk. Now you can start drawing bud. It is necessary to use the golden rule of drawing: at the heart of any object hidden geometric shape. In the case of a bell, this figure is an oval. It also needs to be drawn with a thin line, coming into contact with the stem, first of all. Future petals will “germinate” from the middle of this oval. Draw a few petals: center, right, left. In the background of the flower, mark three more protruding tips of the petals. For a change, you can draw bells on which the gaze does not fall from the side, but as if peering inside a flower.To do this, draw a circle and mark the sharp tips of the petals along its perimeter.

After drawing dashed and thin lines, you need to circle the main areas with a thick line with pressure, and auxiliary lines to erase with an eraser (oval, strokes). At the end of the process, it remains to paint the bells with colored pencils or paints. Enjoy your creativity!