How to do a pedicure at home

You will need
  • Bath with warm water, nippers, scrub or cream, nail scissors, nail file, nail pad.
Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your feet, wipe off the old varnish, if it was applied. It is best to use a disinfected set of tools for the entire pedicure procedure. After all the preparatory activities, you can proceed directly to the pedicure.
Prepare a small container with warm water, it will act as a massage bath. In it you need to put a few smooth sea stones, pour salt, pour warm water and, preferably, shower gel, so that the skin on your legs becomes even softer. It is necessary to hold legs in water for 10-15 minutes, after which the skin will become very soft and it will be very easy to work with it.
Remove rough skin from heels and feet. Pumice stone or special scrubs for the skin of the feet, which are sold in almost all pharmacies and cosmetics stores, are very suitable for removal.After treatment, the feet should be smeared with nourishing cream.
Proceed to the treatment of nails. Nails should be trimmed evenly, in a straight line, this will prevent the nail from growing into the skin. After the nails are cut, you need to take a nail file and trim the edges. Then it is necessary to carefully remove the cuticle with a manicure spatula or with a liquid for removing cuticles. Apply the liquid for five minutes, after which it can be removed with a cotton swab. Spatula also removes dirt that remains under the nails.
In order to keep the nail on the nails for a very long time, the nails must be polished with a sanding file. After polishing on smooth treated nails, the lacquer will last much longer.
Apply nail polish. At the final stage of the pedicure procedure, you can choose any type of decorative coating, up to the painting of nails. Nail polish remover will help to degrease the surface. After the liquid, it is best to apply a special base to the nails, due to which the varnish will lie smoother and last much longer. Insert special delimiters between your fingers. The varnish itself is applied in two layers.Remember that the more layers of varnish applied to the nail, the more time it takes to dry.
Perform a pedicure procedure regularly, so that the feet are always well-groomed and beautiful. However, do this no more than once a week, so as not to damage the skin and toenails. The most optimal alternation is one procedure in two weeks.