How to divide a word into syllables?

Vladislav Rogovsky
Vladislav Rogovsky
August 10, 2012
How to divide a word into syllables?

The problem of dividing a word into syllables is encountered by every schoolchild, and sometimes by an adult who was taken by surprise. Probably, and you had to face this problem, since you are reading our article. We will talk about how to divide a word into syllables.

Facts about the syllables of the Russian language and instructions for dividing a word into syllables:

  1. First, determine exactly how many vowels are in the selected word. How many vowels - so many syllables.
  2. Remember that one syllable cannot have more than one vowel sound in itself.
  3. If your word has only one vowel sound, then the conclusion is simple - the whole word is one syllable. This category includes such words as, for example, cat, dog, hour.
  4. The syllables may end in a vowel or in a consonant. Those that end in a vowel are called open, those that end in a consonant are closed.
  5. In Russian, open syllables are much more than closed.
  6. Closed syllables are most often found at the end of a word.
  7. Vowel sounds are more sonorous than consonants.
  8. When dividing into syllables, do not focus on the division into parts of a word (prefix, root, suffix, ending) or the division for transfer.
  9. It is most accurate to do the transcription before parsing syllables.
  10. The slightest section is observed after a vowel, a consonant, followed by noisy, or after [and], followed by any consonant.
We offer an example of dividing a word into syllables. Take the word "picture". In this word there are three vowels, which means that there will be three syllables in it. Now we say the word out loud, and it is noticeable that the word consists of three fused sound units, so the obvious division into syllables in this example would be: car-ti-na. A more complex example is the division into syllables of the word "airplane." Here are 4 vowels, which means 4 syllables: a-e-ro-plan. Do not be afraid that the first two syllables form only one letter. In Russian, sound can consist of only one vowel, but a syllable cannot form only one consonant.

Remembering the above rules, you can easily divide almost any word into syllables. Of course, you should never forget about logical thinking and the right helper in the form of a dictionary.Sometimes the division into syllables essentially depends on the word. For example, how do you divide the word "narwhal"? The first step is to determine its value. If the given word appears in the meaning of the action, then it can be divided as if it were broken. If the word acts as an animal (in this case, a whale), then the division into syllables will look like this: nar-val.