How to diversify sex?

It often happens that after a long time spent together, partners lose sexual interest in each other. Experts say that this is a completely natural phenomenon, because it is impossible to constantly “burn with passion,” even if it is towards a loved one. And although scientists refute the popular myth that a love fuse lasts only three years, the probability of satiation from sex with one regular partner is very high.

Need I remind you that some try to avoid boredom and monotony with the help of a lover or mistress? But treason, in any case, is not the best way out of this situation. If sex no longer causes the former turbulent emotions, it is better to try to diversify it.

There are many ways to brighten up sex that has become a chore. True, in some cases they require a little courage.

How to diversify everyday sex

  1. One of the effective ways to diversify sex life is to embody each other's fantasies. Maybe you have long dreamed of blindfolded sex, and your man has repeatedly mentioned that “that nurse in the movie is very sexy”? Then it's time to change the images and begin to translate ideas.
  2. Watch an erotic film with your partner or look through a magazine. It is not necessary to express a violent emotion. Honestly and frankly express your ideas and suggestions about what was viewed.
  3. Sex shop is a good place to make a partner an unexpected gift and ask him for a return gift. This way you can kill two birds with one stone: get an intimate toy and find out whether the other half understands what excites you in sex.
  4. A beautiful private dance can pleasantly surprise a man - it is enough to study a few basic movements of strip-plastics, pick up the appropriate sexy lingerie and music. Lingerie can be worn right under the casual suit in which you go to work.
  5. If the partner wants to diversify the intimate life, then she can get beautiful underwear. It's pretty trite, but most men like these surprises. Moreover, try replacing cotton linen with silk or satin - this will create a special atmosphere in the bedroom.

New sensations

  1. Many people are very sensitive to odors. There are scents that enhance sexual attraction - this is ylang-ylang, jasmine, bergamot, clove, sage, and many others.These incenses fumigate an apartment or use aroma lamps - they create a special romantic atmosphere. In addition, using aphrodisiacs oil, you can make an unforgettable erotic massage.
  2. If a permanent couple doesn’t have money constraints, she should go on a short but fascinating journey. Trips bring new sensations and impressions, as well as stimulate sex life. In addition, you can arrange a trip to your own apartment: for sure you have a lot of unexplored places for sex - the window sill, chair or the surface of the dishwasher.
  3. If you change places for sex more often, the conditions themselves will suggest new, non-standard approaches. For example, you can have a love date in nature: it can be a walk in the woods or a boat ride. Spontaneity and extreme atmosphere will create a special romantic mood. You should not have sex on bare sand: injury to the mucous membrane of the genital organs is guaranteed; it is better to do it standing, or move to the grass.

Whichever way you prefer, try to make sex exciting to look forward to it.Remember how it was the first time for you, at the beginning of a relationship. Do not rush to immediately begin sexual intercourse - take proper time for foreplay, kiss and hug a little longer.