How to disassemble the crane

We disassemble and repair the ball valve:
We turn away on the handle a key the adjusting screw and we remove it. Under it is an adjustment ring that needs to be tightened. We install the handle and check if the faucet is leaking.
If the leakage does not stop, unscrew the cover with pliers and remove the copier, sealing washer and ball, pull out the springs and valve seats with a screwdriver. Then we pull the upper gander, twisting it around its axis. Now we need to install new rings and springs, gander, ball, washer, valve sockets and a copier. After that we wind a cover. Of course, all the details at once do not break with us. Therefore, we visually find out which part has deteriorated and replace it with a new one.
Repair the crane:
We disassemble the faucet as follows: remove the handles with the reinforcement cap, unscrew the sleeve and the stem. Then we replace the gasket rod and the round ring. Finally, we grease the rod with heat-resistant grease and assemble the valve in the reverse order.
If the tap with the cartridge is broken, then we are required to replace the cartridge:
A disc type crane is called differently a “tap with a cartridge”.And repair it like this: remove the index cap, pick it up with a screwdriver, turn out the screw, remove the tap handle, then turn out the set screw and remove the handle insert. Then we turn away and remove a cover of the case of the crane. Now we unscrew the cartridge mounting screws, remove it and install a new cartridge. We collect the crane.
Repair of the clutch coupling type: remove the cap, unscrew the screw. Raise the lever up and remove the handle. Next, we remove the fixing nut with the pliers from the valve body, take out the cartridge retainer, remove the cartridge, install the new one in its place, and tighten the screw. After that, we goose, cut off the old rings and install new ones in their place. And finally, collect the crane.