How to disassemble a webcam

You will need
  • - small Phillips screwdriver;
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - A small crochet hook.
Disconnect the webcam from the computer. Examine its body for fasteners. It is best to first know on the Internet whether special glue has been used to assemble your model. Also check the camera stand, in some models the lower part of it is detached from the main device, opening access to the mountings. They can be located around the perimeter of the case, and they can also hide behind special plugs. In any case, if you have such an opportunity, download a special guide regarding your device model, or at least one of your manufacturer’s webcams.
Unscrew all fasteners available. Pry up the webcam housing with a flat screwdriver, and if the device is made of hard plastic, it’s better to use a plastic card. Detach the body parts and use a small crochet hook or other thin object to pry the mechanical buttons to remove them from the panel.In no case do not disconnect them and do not pull the wires of their connection to the chip, because you can break them.
Disconnect all visible internal elements, but before disassembling the chamber section itself. This should be done only under certain conditions and with the use of special equipment. Be extremely careful and do not lose the components, because the replacement for them, you probably will not find. When disassembling a webcam, it will not be superfluous to clean its case from accumulated dust, if any.
Wipe the front panel of the device and lens with a lint free cloth. You can use a special liquid for cleaning LCD monitors from stains. Assemble the device in reverse order.