How to determine the day of conception?

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How to determine the day of conception?

For many couples, the determination of the fertile period (ie, the period most favorable for conception) is almost fundamental in trying to conceive, because everything is not so simple. If a man from the moment of maturation is able to conceive throughout life, then a woman, only on certain days - on the days of ovulation. During ovulation, an egg cell (already mature) leaves the ovary to meet with the sperm.

Let's try to figure out how to determine the day of conception of a child using the measurement of basal temperature.

Determination of the day of conception

To determine a favorable day of conception using basal temperature, it is important to observe the following rules:

  1. temperature is preferably determined through the rectum, i.e. through the introduction of a thermometer into the anus (depth 3-5 cm);
  2. temperature is measured daily for at least three cycles (3 months);
  3. measurements should be taken at the same time, in the morning, without getting out of bed;
  4. the same thermometer is used;
  5. every day the temperature is recorded.

The essence of the temperature method

  • After ovulation, the hormone is released - progesterone, it contributes to an increase in basal temperature.
  • Before ovulation, the temperature is on average below 37 degrees (36.5-36.7). After ovulation, on the contrary, exceeds this figure or is equal to it. In general, the point is that after ovulation, a normal temperature jump always occurs. The temperature difference is small, every tenth degree is important here.
  • Thus, an increase in temperature indicates that a period favorable for conception has already passed.
  • The period before the temperature rises - this is a favorable time for conception.
  • Recording temperatures over several cycles will help you learn how to determine the day of conception. The resulting temperature graph over several cycles will help you calculate next time when you will have an increase.
  • So, before the temperature jump, for about a week (five to seven days) you can enjoy with the beloved conception of a future baby.

This method is absolutely not suitable for women who use hormonal oral contraceptives.