How to decorate the table?

If the idea to decorate the table came to you for the first time, then know: the ways to do this are a whole heap. Beautifully and formally decorated table will create an atmosphere of exquisite celebration, increase the appetite and put the hostess on a pedestal. Of course, not everyone knows how to dress up the table and do not attach importance to the overall appearance of the dishes. But enough to recharge ideas, peep them from friends and strangers. Subsequently, the hostess at the right time will remember these ideas, and easily embody them. How beautiful to decorate the table? Let's talk about it.

Vegetable Decorations - Carving

To cut a figurine or a flower from a vegetable or other fruit, special tools are required. There are whole technologies, people who professionally and with pleasure (and it cannot be otherwise) decorate dishes using carving. Oriental craftsmen - it was there that art originated - can cut out masterpieces from edible fruits. However, it is quite possible to master the art of cutting on vegetables partially, learning to sculpt a couple of simple, but original decorations.

The white radish orchid looks interesting.It is required to cut a cube from the root crop first, then cut the petals from four sides (not to the end). Make them sharper with sharper scissors. Cut the middle (inner bar) and insert into the center carrots, carved with a cone. You can strengthen the toothpick.

It will be beautiful if you cut a geometric flower from a tomato, red radish or an onion. To do this, cut the vegetable in half in a certain way. First, a section is cut along the circumference in the form of teeth, then deeper cuts are made with a thin knife, reaching the middle. Opening both halves, you get two flowers.

We decorate snacks

How to decorate the table in a hurry? Meals on a served table should be decorated at least in a minimalist style. It should not be allowed to mash served in a saucepan, and the salads were piled shapelessly and carelessly. Boiled potatoes lay a beautiful slide. If the potatoes are served baked, it is better to make it appetizing right before cooking. Whole potatoes are incised like a flower. That is, several cuts are made that intersect in the center. The appearance of potatoes is attractive when each tuber is incised with an accordion, between which layers are put pieces of meat. In addition, this product is wonderfully "friendly" with dill.

Decorate salads and warm snacks are also possible with fiction. Halves of tomatoes, which are designed in the form of ladybugs - a classic. Dark and green olives are cut into circles and collect the striped bee. Wings can be made from cheese or radish circles.

How to decorate the table? Photo holidays confirms that sausage is a grateful material for decoration. From boiled sausages, you can roll mini-rolls, the filling of which should be contrasted. Dice the smoked sausage into cubes and put it on skewers, interspersed with pieces of cheese, olives and colorful vegetables.

There are insanely many ways to simply decompose cooked dishes so that guests immediately have an appetite. The cold cuts are laid with a neat fan, and there must be several types of meat on one plate.

How to decorate the table with napkins

In addition to traditionally and originally decorated dishes, the table can be made charming by decorating with napkins. How to decorate a festive table? There is also a list of ideas.

  • Decorate each place with a folded cloth. If there is a supply of such napkins, the easiest way is to fold each tube and put a ring on it.A starched napkin can be folded with a flower, cone, hare ears, fan, or bow. However, it will take effort and clean hands.
  • Buy paper napkins with a themed ornament. This is the simplest solution.
  • Put a fork and a knife nearby, wrap them with a napkin. Tie a ribbon.
  • Monochrome small paper napkins can be folded in piles, and in each alternate colors of napkins. For example, 5 pieces of white, on top, diagonally - 5 pink. So repeat a few times.
  • From paper napkins can be formed cloves. To do this, cut a circle from several napkins, and then implant the blank on the stem - a tubule. Each layer of paper needs to be “crumpled” by gently lifting up the edges. Gradually take shape cloves.

How to decorate a children's table

Children are immediate and always ready to have fun. Therefore, the children's table should not be dull, pale. Let each dish be decorated with bright accents.

Decoration of the children's table

  • Be sure to decorate the sandwiches. They can be prepared by decorating sausage in the form of bears or bunnies.
  • Instead of sandwiches you can make a big dish of colorful snacks. Use round crackers,on which figured nozzle on the confectionery syringe squeeze the mass snack (butter, soft cheese). Lay them on the edge of the dish. Small tomatoes - the next "circle". Closer to the center are crackers with a slice of avocado and walnut on top. In the center of the cheese and sausage, diced, put on a skewer.
  • Fruits are an important attribute of a children's meal. Make banana pastries. Banana cut lengthwise, then into 3 parts across. Get 6 blanks. Put each slice up and sprinkle with chocolate-nut crumb.
  • Fruits can be planted on wooden sticks and create a “hedgehog” out of them. Inject these sticks into the orange.
  • Any fruit is easy to decompose, if you have special dishes. It may even be a two-story fruit basket. First, lay a large fruit, then those that are smaller. Let the grapes hang from the edge of the dish.
  • Between the plates you can place toy figures that will make a bright note in the design of the table.
  • Make angels and place them in each device. To do this, cut a semicircle out of paper, glue it into a cone. Glue a round head, draw a face on it. And be sure to glue the wings.

How to decorate a wedding table

If the wedding is not held in a restaurant, the table will have to be decorated on its own. It is important to create a theme, a concept on which the details will be strung. The wedding table decorated by "bride" looks beautiful. That is white tablecloth, dishes and capes on the chairs. It is advisable to arrange bouquets around the table, of course, from white flowers. The white cloud of the table serves as a background to bright accents - red colors and red bows on the hanging "floors" of the tablecloth. Such a table is extremely solemn, and sets the tone for an aristocratic feast.