How to decorate a wedding?

If you want your long-awaited wedding not to resemble a banal restaurant party, but to become a real festive event - bright, beautiful and memorable for a long time, the wedding table alone will not be enough. To turn an ordinary festive banquet, organized in honor of the Wedding Day, into a real wedding, such as every girl dreams of, all sorts of cute little things and well-chosen design details are capable. Numerous women's magazines and websites on the Internet are vying with each other to give advice on how to decorate a wedding. Various options and ideas are offered in the photos they present. They will help you to finally determine the choice of ways to decorate a wedding celebration. We will also give you some useful tips.

How to decorate the wedding with their own hands

Invitation Cards

Wedding CardsWedding decoration is made up of many important details. Begin preparation for the holiday should be sending wedding invitations. Of course, you can buy them in a store or order them in a printing house, but it will be much more pleasant for each guest to receive an invitation made with their own hands.Sentimental relatives and acquaintances will keep such a charming homemade postcard for a long time in the album to remember the past celebration. For the manufacture of wedding invitations, you can use thick matte paper, painted in delicate colors, pieces of lace, miniature bows and roses, made of satin ribbons. Small gold and silver hearts, applied using a stencil or ready-made dies, and the edges of the paper, shaped cut with special scissors, will add a special charm and elegance to your postcards. In the same style, you can make guest landing cards and an album in which invitees can record their wishes and congratulations.

Wedding trivia

A pillow for wedding rings can be sewn from a piece of satin or velvet, matched to the decorations on the wedding glasses.

The wedding champagne glasses themselves should be made of transparent glass, on thin and tall legs. The easiest way to decorate them with satin ribbons, entwined around the legs and tied in elegant bows. More complex decor options involve the use of special transparent glue.With the help of it, the walls of the glass can be pasted over with expensive lace, over which rhinestones and small pearl beads can be attached.

In addition, bonbonnieres for all the guests, figurines of kissing doves on the holiday table and wicker baskets for rose petals, which will be sprinkled on the young after the marriage, can be counted among the nice little things.

How to beautifully decorate the hall for the wedding

Wedding HallFlowers - perhaps the most important element of the wedding decor, because they give the holiday a special solemn atmosphere. How to decorate weddings with flowers? On such a special day, the flowers should be literally everywhere - in the bride's hair, on the lapel of the groom's suit, in the hands of the guests and, of course, in the wedding hall. It is not necessary to decorate the whole room with exclusively fresh flowers - it is quite expensive and not applicable everywhere. Trying to weave a garland of flowers to decorate the entrance and walls of the hall is an empty exercise. Money and labor will be spent a lot, but the expected effect you will not get. Without water, fresh flowers will wilt in a couple of hours and will be a sad sight. Therefore a large wreath in the shape of a heart that can be hung behind the table of the bride and groom,or it is better to make a flower arch above the entrance from high-quality artificial flowers that will look great during the whole wedding feast.

Fresh flowers should be placed in a vase of water and arrange them on the wedding table. All flowers in the room, both artificial and living, should be kept in one or two colors and in harmony with the color of all other decorations. If you, for example, chose bouquets in several shades of pink, then the bows on the chairs, tablecloths or napkins on the tables and even balloons under the ceiling should also be pink.

Tablecloths, napkins and drapery

Tablecloths for the weddingThe walls of the hall can be decorated with drapes made of tulle or tulle. Places of assemblies on them are fixed with bows or boutonnieres of artificial flowers and feathers. Under the ceiling, you can also hang wide strips of translucent fabric of delicate tones. Tablecloths and chair covers are best to choose white - this gives the hall a special solemnity, but napkins, bows on the chairs and decorations made of cloth on the sides of the tables should be made to match the bouquets and drapes. Wedding tables, covered with tablecloths with thick ruffles of tulle, which go down to the floor, look interesting.Draperies under the ceiling and ruffles of tablecloths can be illuminated from the inside with garlands of small blue neon bulbs. With dimmed general lighting, these bulbs will flicker slightly through a thin fabric.