How to date a girl?

Some kind of universal way of successful meetings with a girl simply does not exist, since what impresses one can push the other away. However, there are some general moments, and from our article you will learn how to properly meet a girl in order to increase your chances for a second and subsequent dates.

How to impress a girl

Here we will talk about how to make a girl like her. Relationship relationships, but first you need to make a favorable impression, but it depends on your behavior, and the ability to communicate, and even how you are dressed. Remember that the first impression, of course, is not always decisive, but it is nonetheless very important. If only because with the right behavior, you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort later correcting your mistakes.

Preparing for a date

First of all, you should know in advance about the interests of the girls and read about them so that you have topics for conversation on the first date. Choosing a place for a date, try to make it special and memorable.The place should not be expensive, but it should show the girl that you tried to choose it for a romantic day or evening. Not necessarily stand out with trendy fashion items. Dress according to the situation: simple, but tasteful.

It should also be remembered that a confident young man is most attractive to girls, because he has interests, friends and far-reaching plans for the future.

About behavior and communication

In the time of the meeting, try to be attentive to the interlocutor and really listen to what the girl says. It is best to talk freely and sincerely, to show their feelings about this or that situation. You can also ask her many different questions, accompanying her speech with relevant comments - this will let the girl know that you have been listening to her carefully. Remember that any girl loves compliments, but do not focus only on them, so that it does not become the theme of the whole evening.

Speak politely at her address and avoid sexual hints. In addition, it is not necessary to appear in front of the girl person, which you are not; it is better to be the most sincere, to be what you are - and then you will not have to pretend.If you are joking, try to avoid jokes about her family, friends and about her, too, because such jokes can hurt her feelings.

Enjoy the company next to her, do not be nervous, just get to know each other in a casual conversation. If a girl does not mind, you can take her hand while walking or hug her waist, such touches will make your meeting more personal. And now how to meet the girl after your first meeting was over.

From first date to relationship

After the date, when you understand that this particular girl is interesting to you, and you want to meet with her - call her, and then set up a new date. Then you can also arrange for the girl a few surprises of the romantic plan. The surprise will depend on the preferences of the girl: it may be just a lunch for her, a trip together somewhere on a day off, a bouquet of flowers or something more meaningful and valuable (pendant, earrings, etc.). Romantic surprises usually produce the most favorable impression and strengthen relationships.

After the passage of a certain time, you can (and should) present it to your friends or even your parents - this will make the girl understand that you are configured specifically for relationships, and not for flirting.Note that you should not rely solely on the opinion of your friends or parents about your girlfriend: if they may not like her, this does not mean that you should stop communicating. Your life, and you decide who to meet.